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For Those Who Say ..."Ron Paul Can't Win, He Just Can't Win"

How do we overcome this mental block that many Americans are suffering from?

How many times have you heard people say this? Be it from your father, mother, spouse, or some oldstream media hack?

Getting a bit old, isn't it?

I always ask his detractors, "Why can't Ron Paul win? He won the CPAC Straw Poll, he won the RLC Straw Poll, he's winning TIME Magazine's GOP "Bracketology," Poll, and he just raised over $4.5 Million....

The common answer is, "he just can't win."

People have no reasons to explain why they feel Ron Paul, "just can't win." It's a belief in a giant lie that has just been repeated over and over and over again by the oldstream media.

So...what are we to do about this major hurdle?

How does Ron Paul get past the, "he just can't win," mentality obstacle as he climbs up the GOP Mountain?

Yes, we have the Internet on our side, but is it really as VISUAL as TV? No...not yet.

This is an INVISIBLE mental obstacle that MUST be destoyed with highly VISIBLE objects...many of them, repeated over and over and over again.

We must ask ourselves, why does the average Joe or Jane American believe Ron Paul, "just can't win?"

I think the main reason why is because many people simply do not SEE enough support for Ron Paul in general.

It's literally a visual thing - as seen MAINLY on television. Michelle Bachmann gets all the oldstream media attention, not Ron Paul...Mitt Romney gets all the oldstream media atention, not Ron Paul.

The People SEE, and they follow....

Most of us here on the Daily Paul are leaders....alot of Chiefs and few Indians.

We do not follow, we are all leaders. However, most Americans are followers. They follow the leader. They follow what they SEE and hear on the boobtube.

So...how do we defeat the giant invisible mental obstacle of, "He just can't win?"

It's a complex problem that can be defeated with a very simple solution.

Ron Paul 2012 Bumper Stickers are very VISUAL...many people SEE them every single day.

A Ron Paul Bumper Sticker is repeated and can be SEEN, over and over and over again. The TRUTH, repeated over and over again on the back of your vehicle can destroy a very big, but very weak lie.

Ron Paul IS POPULAR, therefore the People should follow...but the oldstream media has constructed a giant mental wall for The People to run into.

Do you really think The People will continue to run into The Wall if they see THOUSANDS of cars with Ron Paul 2012 Restore America Now Bumper Stickers?

I don't think so...our power in VISUAL NUMBERS via Bumper Stickers alone can defeat the, "He just can't win," mentality.

THOUSANDS of Ron Paul Bumper Stickers can bulldoze over the average American's mental block.

Ron Paul can be heard, but can he be SEEN?

If you got it, show it.


It's time to slap it on. It's time to let America SEE just how popular Ron Paul really is.

POWER in numbers.

A single bumper sticker can be a very powerful IDEA.

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Let me put it this way: IF


Whether it's Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Michele Obama, or Sarah Palin, or Newt Gingrich, or Mitt Romney, nothing is going to change. We will continue to have continual undeclared wars around the world, more destruction of the Bill of Rights, more stealing through "bail outs" and inflation, and more restrictions of personal freedom.

So, whether you think Ron Paul can win or not, it really doesn't matter. He's the only game in town. All of the other candidates have made their deals. They will not rock the boat. The stealing will continue, the undeclared wars will continue, and your freedoms will continue to diminish.

And finally, if you support Ron Paul, don't waste your vote on some Liberal or Neocon who will continue the policies of the last several administration.

Ron Paul in 2012!

Of Course He Can Win

The simple fact is, he is on the ballot. If he is on the ballot he can win. The question is what are his odds of winning the Republican primary? If left to the MSM and establishment Republicans, not very good odds at all. That being said, the Republicans are about 35% of the voters. If RP can get at least 10% of the republicans that gives RP 75% with the independents and democrats in a year with out a democrat PRIMARY as potential voters. Independents and Democrats are not going to vote for an establishment Republican candidate, so RP has a huge edge. Every election is dependent on turn out. If the young people can actually follow through for once and vote, and the independents and disenfranchised democrats support Paul, he is the odds on favorite. Democrats need to re-register as independents or republicans in closed primary states and young people need to get involved and get their friends registered and motivated. Of course he can win, I honestly can't see how he cannot win.

And in caucus states

we need delegates! The republican leadership will fight us tooth and nail, but we need to run as delegates, and vote for each other as delegates!

My response to that:

"If he DOESN'T WIN, then we ALL LOSE"

Many of us probably had these conversations over the 4th of July weekend.

I was watching the "Ed Show" (no, not the talking horse, but the stooge on MSNBC) before I went to bed last night.

He had "Van Jones" on, who I really don't know much about, other than Glenn Beck's constant attacks on him for being a "dangerous Marxist and a 9/11 truther." *gasps*

Van Jones said something that resonated with me. He said that "Washington DC is a reflection of the American people".
It's true. That cesspool is a reflection of the disconnected, apathetic, ignorant nature of the American public.
It is OUR fault that this bus has been hijacked, and is being driven straight off of a cliff. If the generations before us had been vigilant, then we wouldn't be facing the mess we are today. That is the ugly truth of the matter.

People got lulled to sleep, and now we have awakened to a house that is on fire, and some of us are scrambling around trying to figure out a way to extinguish it.

The problem is that we have some that see the fire, and say "let it burn, there's nothing we can do."

Then there are those who understand that if the fire is left to burn, it's going to spread and burn out of control, destroying everything in its path. They are furiously grabbing hoses, buckets, pans, and anything else that they can use to douse the fire. They are exhausted, frustrated, and in some ways militant, because they see the potential danger.

Finally there are those getting in the way of the fire brigade, by standing around picking their noses. They'd rather extend their hands to the fire as if to warm themselves, and chat about whatever nonsense comes across their minds, so that they don't have to recognize that the freaking house is on FIRE!! They won't realize anything has happened until they are engulfed in flames.

We are the ones who care (well most of us anyway).

The challenge is getting the fire brigade to decide whether it is worth the effort, and get them to work efficiently.
What is more effective, trying to convince a nose picker that the house is on fire, or moving on to someone who feels the heat, and wants to do something, but doesn't know what to do?
I have personally made contingency plans as best I can. That doesn't mean I have given up on the fire, it just means that I have a plan B.
I am still trying to put out the fire, and will continue to do so, until IF and when it begins to rage out of control. In the end, I know that I will have done my part, no matter what the outcome.

Right now, the brigade commander is this guy.
Steve Bierfeldt
Iowa Executive Director

Contact him and let him know you are ready to sacrifice some time to call Iowa residents, to try and make a good showing for the straw poll.
Unless you have about a half a million bucks to donate to sending out "America Freedom to Fascism" to every registered Iowa voter, then this is the next best thing, as I see it.
Many hands, make light work.

Here's what I say when they say Ron Paul

can't win: Well, if you are so good at predicting the future, then give me the winning lottery numbers. What... you mean you don't know them? Well, then how do you know Ron Paul can't win?

Case In Point..

me:Herman Munster

Herman Munster
its time for Austrian school wisdom, and Thomas Jefferson's values it's time for Ron Paul.

"He's unelectable, but has many great ideas, let him loose, and I mean let him loose on lil timmy geithner and barnanke; better served."

Herman Munster
Unelectable? According to whom? Last time around wasn't it supposed to be Giulliani Vs. Clinton? That didn't work out too well. Against Obama It's going to be the Independent vote that counts, 99% of the time the peace candidate wins. Guess who that is? Obama won but he was obviously lying.

The Point is this isn't a horse race. You dont win at all with a slick talking clueless candidate , who at the end will only end up hurting the country. It's all about what your priorities are, do you want to vote into office another candidate who is willing to sacrifice our young men and women for Oil while drowning us in debt, or do you want your vote to actually bring upon productive changes. Its your call, In my opinion none of the other are truly electable because they dont even know the difference between the constituion and the declaration of independence. That to me and alot of others deems them unelectable. Plus the fact that Obama thought he was running for Dictator.

You are wrong

The reason people think that Ron Paul can't win is because of Game Theory.

When citizens vote for the man they think will make the best president, the person who is selected reflects the values of the majority of the people.

However, when citizens vote for the man they think the OTHER guy will vote for, the person who reflects the values of the popular culture at large gets elected. Popular culture is controlled by the media, and is generally politically correct, MTV garbage.

This means that candidates that are handsome, corrupt chest beaters get nominated over people who are principled, because voters think they have the best chance of winning. This is the nature of the two party system we have today.

This is why people don't think Ron Paul can win: He rambles and stumbles his speech, he takes very out of the box, obtuse positions, and he is shunned by the media.

Challenge everything and the path will be clear.

This was the old truth

... but the world is changing.

There is an awakening going on.

True, there is a sea change happening.

But the reason we Americans historically vote for such poor representatives is because we simple don't want to take the time to research our picks.

(That's where we Ron Paul supporters are different.)

Not so the "TEA Party", who seem to hitch their wagon to whoever the newest horse is in the race.

Poor political choice will have to have a deep, lasting impact on the average voter before this unwillingness to educate themselves on their candidates is defeated.

The good news is, that day may not be far off!

Yes and No

A motivated minority can win. We just need to work harder and smarter and take over the political process as the Neocons managed to do.

They have the power and the money. We have the numbers.

We are winning! The question is: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Reply, "That is what the

Reply, "That is what the talking heads say, but what they say does not matter. If Ron Paul cannot win, America cannot win. I choose not to think about whether he can win or not. I just work as hard for him as I can. [Smile] Are you with us?"

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

This is exactly what will make the difference in the end

How many of us do something and how many just talk about doing something?

Front Runner Ron Paul

Say it loud and say it often!!

Don't waste your time!!!

For every person you spend time arguing whether Ron can win or not, you could have made contact with TEN people that want your information! Concentrate on those who are rubbing their eyes and looking for more. There are so many out there and so much to do we can't afford to waste time arguing with detractors - MOVE ON!


"Never argue with a fool - people might not know the difference..."


Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

The best advice ever


They also said that about Reagan.

How about bumper stickers that say...

"Ron Paul: He CAN Win!"

Can't Win

When folks tell me that Ron Paul can't win I tell them that if everyone that says he can't win voted for Dr. Paul he would win by a landslide, so join the winning team and vote for Ron Paul.

Also, better than bumper stickers are the magnetic vehicle signs, 12"x18" $25.00 a pair, white for dark vehicles and blue for light colored vehicles. 6+ bigger than a bumper sticker. Go together with friends and buy bulk and save on shipping. Can't wait for mine to get here.

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

Where do you

get the magnets?



Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

I like clever

I like clever ideas. They last, they have shelf life.
Not so sure this is"clever" but you can get my gist.

"Sure Ron Paul can win. Just poke the chad"

In order for RP to win

it will take an uprising of young voters much like the African American voters that got out to vote for Obomba. If the young repulicrats, young demopublicans and independents and the pissed off will all get out for their primaries and vote for Ron Paul he will win a ton of states.

all revolutions and revivals are spearheaded and led by the young people. I hope they will burn with the desire for change. If there are college to late twenties on here I hope you will be encouraged to start a wild fire of votes for RP. It starts now and escalates when your fall semister starts because primaries are right around the corner - beginning of 2012. We are rallying behind you.

My concern

isn't that he's not popular enough. It's that the republican leadership will never allow him to be the nominee, no matter how popular he is. Remember what we ran into with all our state party chairs in 2008?

Titles like that add to the problem

No offense but quit saying it, quit quoting it, quit dwelling on it.

Only pump the message that He CAN WIN and WILL WIN and that the others have no chance. Say it loudly and defiantly. Then explain why when the eyebrows raise and the ears open. Drill it in to people. Say it with confidence and no hedging hemming or hawing about his chances or what "reality" is. Reality is what we make it. No one has decided it for us yet. Ron's going to win this! Let no one think otherwise. That's how the media works. Repetition repetition repetition. They know people will believe a lie if it's told often enough. Well we have something better than lies, the truth. And we can spread it just as stubbornly as they can. Ron Paul is the only candidate qualified to lead this country. He will win the nomination and he will defeat Obama. No other republican candidate stands a chance.

I agree about the title.

My comment is below.

I love your post poq. Ron's

I love your post poq. Ron's gonna win.

Jame Carville said..

I think you are right on and in fact, "you got say it right away and often" I seem to remember James Carville saying. James was Bill Clinton's political advisor.


Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the 16th amendment - sound money for our communities and out of Washington, DC.

Ignoring the problem won't

Ignoring the problem won't make it go away.

Come on now, I know my audience here - hence the title that everyone here knows is not meant to be taken literally.

It's a title that focuses on a major hurdle Ron Paul has to overcome. Like it or not, it is what it is....an invisible obstacle that indeed exists.

The war of information is fought to influence and mold what people THINK, and the primary way in which to influence them is through what they SEE.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

What hurdle?

He's going to win. Those who don't believe it are crazy, ignorant, kooks or fringe political hacks. Ron Paul is mainstream. All the other candidates are 2nd tier long shots (See what I did there :D) Turn the tables. Use their terms against them. Their claims aren't anymore valid than ours. In fact they have no validity whatsoever, so let's stop acting like they do so others stop doing so as well. If they say nay we say yay. If they say he can't win we say he can and then explain why he will to any and all who will hear us.

"Why is he going to win? I'm glad you asked!"

-He is pro liberty and that brings people together from all parties and beliefs. Freedom is popular. He will draw support from obama where as the other candidates would repel them.

-He's raising incredible amounts of money from millions of small individual contributions, not corporate or big money interests to which he would be beholden to. This means he is financially viable and will run a strong campaign. The other candidates are lucky to get a few bones after begging corporate sponsors and lobbyists because no real people support them.

-Ron Paul supporters are everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Every city, state and even supporters worldwide happily spreading his message free of charge and without being asked. How many non payed active supporters of any other candidates have you seen?

-He's a doctor. He knows the healthcare system and knows how to fix it. No other candidate can say that. They are not qualified to solve the problem.

-He's the only candidate who has served in the military which included stints in the middle east. No other candidate can say that. They have no military experience whatsoever to speak of, yet they have the arrogance to want to command our armies and expand the numerous endless wars that are bankrupting our nation and they want recklessly throw more of our sons and daughters into harms way for nebulous, foolish if not down right nefarious reasons.
Ron knows what the military is for and the proper use of it. It is to defend our nation. It is to win wars, wars declared by congress, and to come home. Not to occupy, nation build or police the world.

- He wants to defend this nation, protect our borders and build our own bridges, not those of far off countries who resent our presence. Our presence there does not make us safer but further stirs hatred up towards us. Yes there are sick demented people who want nothing but the death of our country and people but if we weren't over there and accidentally, or otherwise, killing their innocent civilians with misplaced bombs and collateral damage and occupying their lands and meddling in their internal affairs those crazies who want us dead would be treated as such, crazy, and ignored or dealt with. But our oppressive presence over there pushes them towards the terrorists and is by far their best recruiting tool. We are creating our own enemy. Let's take their recruiting tool away from them. The majority of Americans has had enough of the wars and will stand with Ron Paul because he is the only one who will actually bring the troops home.

-Ron Paul has a deep understanding of economic and monetary policy, philosophy and history. He can go toe to toe with any economist or federal reserve chairman and give them an economics lesson of a lifetime. No other candidate would last 2 minutes with even the weakest of Keynesian economists let alone an Austrian economist. Their eyes would glaze over and they'd just sheepishly and foolishly agree to anything they say. We need leadership not more banker lapdog patsies. I would be surprised if any of the other candidates even know the difference between Keynesian and Austrian Economics.

-At this time of great economic uncertainty we need someone who is knowledgeable and who foresaw, well before hand, the economic calamities our foolish economic and monetary policies caused and what ones lie in the future if we do not change course. We can't afford someone who doesn't know what they are talking about and thinks they can "fix" the economy by tinkering here or there to see what works. We need Ron Paul.

-He is a family man with high moral standards. He has been married to the same wife for 50 years and has a strong beautiful family and successful children. But he doesn't believe in imposing his standards or way of living on you nor I. He believes in liberty and that we should be free to run our lives and families how we see fit as long as we do not infringe on rights of others.

-Most of the other candidates believe the job description of the president is in fact to tell others how to run their lives and what they can do with their bodies, money and property. Not Ron. He knows that the office of the president of the united states is to faithfully preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. This means he will only do those things which are authorized by the constitution for the president to do and leave all other powers and rights, currently and unconstitutionally usurped by the federal government, to the states or the people as outlined in the 10th amendment.

-The president is not a king, an emperor nor a dictator. He is not to rule your life or the world as he sees fit. The president is bound by the constitution to be a SERVANT of the people and defender of their life liberty and property. So many of the candidates come across as would be dictators and royal highness's set on ruling your life. How many come across as dutiful servants of the people and defender of their liberties?

So you see Ron really is the only viable, competent, and integrally solid candidate we have. The only one with visible and financial support that isnt smoke and mirrors. The OTHERS just can't win. They just can't.

So let's stop pretending like those nay sayers have any credence. If they say he can't, we'll say he can. We'll say it louder, more numerously, more energetically, more monetarily, with more signs, polls, delegates, blimps, race cars, artworks, celebrities, politicians, economists, radio hosts, songs, youtubes, facebooks, twitters, apps, straw polls, facts, reasons, logic, fun and history backing us up than any other candidate.

It is not us with our heads in the sand but those who deny that Ron will do anything but win the nomination and election. They are becoming the minority and are thus increasingly irrelevant. The brush fires are being set and are taking over. I understand what you're saying but what I'm saying is don't lend any credence to what they are saying fight fire with fire. Our side actually has the heat. In every conversation insinuate nothing and acknowledge nothing besides the fact he will win. That is how you overcome the stigma you seek to overcome.

I agree with you 100%.

However, I think you should change your title to "Yes he CAN win." or "For those who say he can't win..." It's because when you repeat negative ideas it reinforces negative beliefs. It's more powerful to find a way to rephrase your point stating a positive.

Anyway, you're right, most people are followers - they will not even consider something unless they perceive that other people are doing it. There was a fantastic presentation on this topic posted by Lars... really empowering:
One of the points made in this awesome presentation was that the tipping point for followers to start following a new idea is 15%. According to this man who has studied innovators who have succeeded, once 15% get on board with an idea, the rest feel safe to try it and it can snowball from there. We are the innovators. We need people to be helped to wake up to two facts: 1) Someone named Ron Paul is running for president, and 2) he has a serious number of supporters backing him. Bumper stickers/decals achieve this objective. They are explicit and subliminal - and their effect is cumulative.

I hope anyone who thinks bumper sticker/decals don't really matter will rethink their decision.