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Beware the Depends Bomber?

by Gene Healy

On June 18, officers of the Transportation Security Administration forced a wheelchair-bound, 95-year-old leukemia patient to remove her adult diaper, lest it contain a bomb. As always when the TSA commits some new atrocity — like last April's "freedom fondle" of a 6-year-old girl — a designated bureaucratic spokes-unit affirmed that the officers acted "according to proper procedure."

As my colleague Julian Sanchez observes, it's bizarre to think we're supposed to find it comforting "that everything is being done by the book — even if the 'book' is horrifying." Wouldn't you rather hear that such actions were the work of overzealous line officers, instead of policies vetted and approved at the highest levels of the federal government?



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I used to drive city bus in Denver.

One evening I am driving and a woman on the bus has a seizure. I had to stop and call for an ambulance. No one on the bus was concerned for this woman. Instead they were all bitching about getting home late. People in this country are self centered and selfish. If anyone behind this poor old woman at the airport was upset, it was only because THEY were being inconvenienced by a few minutes while her rights were trampled. I am sick of the sheep in this country. I wish I could leave.
People that vote will look at it as being a popularity contest or horse race and never give thought to what a candidate really stands for. If Ron Paul doesn't win the primary, I will not bother voting since write ins are "not allowed" in this state. What the heck is that about? I can't write in a person's name because he wasn't hand selected?

Formerly rprevolutionist