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Join The R[evol]ution on Facebook! Looking for 1,000,000 Ron Paul Supporters!

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one day i accidentally stayed logged into facebook for an hour

during that time, they figured out my interests and recommended that i friend gary johnson and r.j harris based on websites just visited.

my jaw dropped.

it is amazing and

it is amazing and powerful,but like anything with those properties, it can be used for good or evil. In the case for Liberty, it is good! for the case of the patriot act it is evil, but i dont worry about it too much, it is a wonderful tool. If you're worried about privacy you can make an alternate facebook account from the one you use personally. you can hide your real name by making an email address under an alias, and open your alternate facebook account under that alias where it asks for your "real name" so you can effectively remain anonymous. my facebook name is Herman Munster, lol so get creative

Sorry, but you are asking for my "friends" as well

Ummmmmmmm, "privacy issues" here...;-)

I didn't make that page btw

I didn't make that page btw came across it so im not asking for anything just advertising.

thats the beauty of freedom

thats the beauty of freedom its totally up to you!