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Ron Paul Fan Causes Headache for Local GOP

July 6th, 2011 at 1:03 am

The commentary about Ron Paul’s influence on the GOP tends to focus on the big national issues, such as his efforts to end the Federal Reserve or the growing isolationism among Republicans. What gets under-reported are the consequences of Ron Paul having supporters get involved in politics at the local level.

Currently, the Republican Party of Pima County in Arizona is dealing with a situation created by its Ron Paul-inspired Chairman. Chairman Brian Miller has used a recently conducted SWAT operation to try and start a discussion about why citizens need to remain vigilant about “routine” invasions of private property by the government.


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David Frum was the economic speechwriter for George W. Bush

Need I say more?

Frum is attacking Miller and Ron Paul because Frum sees them as threats which are exposing his and other Neocon's lies within the GOP.

Miller is an A-10 Air Force pilot who actually served in Afghanistan and wants us to leave.

Frum is just a chicken hawk worm.

He wouldn't be a real Republican otherwise....

He is darn right to do it because of how far out of bounds Sherriff Dupnik has gotten.

Real Republicans are absolutely incensed and furious with what Dupnik engaged in. He is not incompetent, he's an outright criminal who the Judge should throw out.

Thousands of Oath Keepers, in law enforcement & elsewhere are already up in arms about the Sherriff Dupnik Swat Raid. He was out of line, plain and simple. The Department of Justice isn't going to do anything.

This is likewise a hot button 2nd amendment issue. Serious charges could be filed against Dupnik. Real Republicans support the 2nd amendment to the letter, and we may have to dump the ones like Romney (who do not) and simply chase them off to the third wave Democrats where they belong.

In Arizona we need more Republicans and independents in the Senate, to reduce government & put it back in its box restoring the Republican party to its natural root.

At the same time, we need to get Sherriff Dupnik to probably be indicted by a Grand Jury. Its past time for him to go. He has caused enough trouble in AZ. He is NOT sorry and he openly admitted the "SWAT" team killing was not in error.

Say whatever you want about the man Jose who was shot, he may have been a drug dealer he may not have been. The point is there's no Judge in their right mind who's going to automatically assume he was guilty, just based on some hearsay. And Dupnik acted like he was the Judge, Jury/Executioner by killing Jose G for supposedly having Dope.

He's gotta go. http://www.fija.org

Ron is in the batter's box and ready to hit a homer.

The presidency will be won at the local level.