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Rep. Ron Paul to join Sen. Rand Paul for Iowa jaunt

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will join his son, Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul, for a statewide trip across Iowa later this month.

“Rand Paul’s message strikes a strong chord with the Tea Party here in Iowa,” said Drew Ivers, Ron Paul’s Iowa chair. “His message of stopping out of control federal spending is exactly what the Republican party needs at this time.”

The Texas Republican, who announced his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination earlier this year, has struggled to gain significant support in the state, which is slated to hold the nation’s first caucus.

The younger Paul’s appearance comes on the eve of the Ames Presidential Straw Poll, which the elder Paul has staked nearly $35,000 on winning.

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Senator Jim Demint refuses to endorse Ron Paul on Freedom Watch

South Carolina Senator Jim Demint refused to state on "Freedom Watch" who he believed most esposed the liberty movemnet. Demint stated he wanted to wait and see how many of the candidates were in that camp.


OK, I'm confused

This link said Ron would NOT be joining Rand: http://theiowarepublican.com/home/2011/07/05/rand-pauls-iowa...

I sure hope it's both of them! (I already emailed people to let them know since I was so excited:)

I'm OK with Family gov as long as it doesn't end in Bush.

Great to hear Rand and Ron are out together in Iowa!

Who's Joining Whom?

Well, it's confusing enough to use only last names, and when I saw "Sen. Paul" I thought "the Senior Paul."

What a team! A happy family dynamic is what we need to win more of the touchy-feely vote! It's also a good indicator of a lack of dysfunction when the decendents thrive.

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Can't wait to see them! (except that it will mean summer's closer to over)

Good news. Hopefully their

Good news. Hopefully their trip goes well.

Is Rand the only endorsement the campaign can get for Ron?

Surely, there are some well known figures that support the freedoms of Ron Paul! Can the campaign staff not enlist any of these people to do a little public support speaking for Ron Paul. Are they even trying to find such people? If the public heard some well known people come out in support of Paul, maybe they would turn down the static in the media and wake up! But you gotta get these people located and out there front and center, don't leave it ALL up to Ron Paul.

alan laney

I Wonder What Benton is Doing

He's got the perfect candidate at the perfect time and there is no indication that he's doing anything whatsoever. After a long pause the website was updated. Okay, now what else are they spending all that money on? We might have to start going around the official campaign to get things done.

Pat Buchanan could endorse RP and attend some rallies

Pat Buchanan please help Ron Paul win NH the state you won in the past.

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Buchanan Might Not Be Able To

He's a regular correspondent on MSNBC. Sometimes they have to sign contracts saying they won't endorse or donate to political candidates. Remember what happened to Keith Olbermann?

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Please Keep Us Updated

Thanks, Phantom

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Good move.

Let people put the two of them together...perhaps some "A-Ha!" moments.

"Hey, that guy is that guy's son!?!"

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I heard him on Hannity say

I heard him on Hannity say that he is unlikely to support Ron because of his position on "the borders".