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KFC and PepsiCo donate to diabetes research in exchange for your soda purchase


(NaturalNews) It could be one of the most ironically insulting "gifts" ever, but what it is, for certain, is a pathetic shame.

You might think that KFC is doing a good thing by pledging to help fund diabetes research, but when you figure out they are doing much more to cause diabetes than actually cure it, you have to shake your head in disbelief.

According to a recent advertisement spotted in a KFC store, the fast-food chain says it will donate a buck to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for every meal it sells - along with a "Mega Jug" of Pepsi Cola that contains about 800 calories and about 56 spoonfuls of sugar.

Yes, that's right. KFC will donate the dollar to JDRF, but only if customers buy a half-gallon of soda. So despite the "good intentions" behind the donations, clearly by forcing consumers to drink so much soda, the chain is violating the spirit of its campaign by contributing to the very disease it claims to be helping cure.


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Not generosity just attention

Please give me a moment to get into character *clears throat*

Salesman: Buy a pack of our cigarettes and we shall donate 1% of the profit to lung cancer research!

need I say more?

As a diabetic

I understand your frustration and that it seems a bit odd that those who perpetuate such disease would advertise their financial support to find a cure. I happen to believe that the donation from KFC/Coca-Cola is great. It's not their responsibility to offer healthy food for Americans. We have the choice to stop and purchase the product or to keep driving.

After living in Memphis for a few years, I believe someone stands to make a LOT of money providing cheap yet healthy food in a fast-food setting. It's an untapped corner of the market. The poor in Memphis suffer because they don't purchase fresh produce or meat. Instead, they bounce from one fast-food chain to the next in an effort to save money.

It's my hope that through their donations and research efforts, the market and demands from individuals will help a lot of these companies evolve to provide a more healthy product. Ha, as a Type I diabetic, coke supplies life-saving sugar when I've overshot my insulin dose.

I really hope to see the fast food chains provide healthier products, but the best way for that to happen is for the market to demand it.