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Overextended US Empire is Coming Down -- Pat Buchanan

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Pat has been making this

Pat has been making this claim for 35+ years now...he may be correct now, but that is more of a "broken clock" issue....

I've never liked Pat Buchanan. He is too obsessed with race and racial identity...also, someone like Rand Paul wants small government in every sector; Pat Buchanan doesn't want big government in the military or in the economy, but seems to support it when it comes to marriage, abortion, property, etc.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Pat Buchanan never met

a (Mexican) immigrant he didn't despise. He reminds me of a softer spoken Michael Savage ("borders/language/culture"). A man like that is not a man of good will, regardless of his position on a particular war.

I find it amazing how many supposed lovers of liberty can launch a tirade against "illegal" immigrants ("they're breaking our laws!") without considering whether the laws being broken are just. How many liberty advocates would launch a tirade against medical marijuana users or violators of other victimless crime laws which have no racial/ethnic/linguistic overtones?

I accept Ron Paul's statement that he opposes free immigration for fiscal reasons. I have never heard him insult or denigrate undocumented workers, even implicitly. I think he is the real deal as far as liberty goes. I can not say the same about Pat Buchanan, however.

I think Pat Buchanan hears

I think Pat Buchanan hears Ron Paul and the economy is unfolding as predicted. MSNBC is such a nest of socialists all wanting your money. I'm surprised no one mentions that the debt does NOT BELONG to the American people. The private banking cartel has drained the US treasury and still wants more. Why can't American politicians put this to a referendum like bold, brave little Iceland and reject Geithner's ultimatums. BTW Obama needs to be impeached. He is bringing down the efficacy of the American constitution and its laws and does nothing to assuage the American people and their concerns. He is the worst jack-ass in America's short history to ACT as a president.

Actually The Debt Does Belong To The American People

It is owed to us not by us. That is the whole scam the fed was set up to do!
They print promissory notes out of 320 million individual U.S. citizenship trusts then loan it to U.S. Government. Every dollar of that is owed back to the U.S. citizenship from which it was taken.
The U.S. Government owes us 14 trillion dollars. Period.
If we want to forgive that debt we can because we are the true creditors to U.S. Government Corporation.
Or we can just have the company mail us each a check for 45,000 dollars to compensate us for the inflation created by deficit spending. Simple really.

I write this practically every day. You are the preferred stock owner in U.S. Government.
Your credit is being used to print the U.S. Currency. However much currency they print in your name is how much you have in your trust JOHN. H. DOE. The government and the corporations owe it all to us. The fed like any bank is just the middleman not the actual owner of the accounts or the money being held in the bank. You are the account owner.

The Oracle

I stand corrected. Thank you

I stand corrected. Thank you for that insight.

Drudge Report put this article on the front page

Thanks Matt Drudge.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Pat used to be the voice

of Patriotism. Maybe he is coming home to himself .

I cannot believe how they laughed at him!

When he said "maybe you're going to have to end the wars". Unbelievable. How can he work for them.... and at the same time, thank God he's there to say those words of truth.

US Empire...

Ron Paul uses that tag quite often...along with "Empire building..."

Who/What gives us the right to build empires all over the world? Money? Power? A shadow government that controls the entire globe?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

The Wars Are Discretionary Spending!

"You are not going to get the revenue (tax increases) so maybe you ought to end the war."

Pat is old enough to just tell the truth now and say the HELL with it if they don't want to hear the truth.

The truth is the wars are being waged for conquest to benefit the U.S. Governments bosses in the big banks and corporations.

The wars of conquest are funded by discretionary spending. Since there is no revenue to pay for the wars the expansionist policy should be stopped. The Emperor will not be pleased to hear this.

The Oracle

$liding, Not Collapse,

Pat-B & others, e.g. Max-K, Peter-S say that the dollar is collapsing, but that is Not the true picture, though it$ sliding. The govt of U$A has a lot of political & military clout, it still has a lot of friendly & loyal suppliers of goodies, oil, etc. Then there are others who are too scared to walk away from dollar$, seeing the example of Sad'damn & Gaddafi. There is a lot of rhetoric by & against Iran, but they contnue to deal in dollar$. Precious metals are rising but they do not buy bread, nor offer interest or dividends, they are very good investment for those who have surplu$.

re - wars, you said it well -

First It Helps To Define The DOLLAR!

The DOLLARS are just shares in a joint stock trust, a corporation called U.S. Government.
The Federal Reserve System issues the shares in each of three hundred million U.S. citizens names.
Their account numbers are on the front of the one DOLLAR bills and the front of the old fives.
Also you can find the account numbers on the back of the SS cards.

So the DOLLARS are just shares in the U.S. Economy, one giant corporation/trade association.
Like Berkshares but much bigger. As the real U.S. Economy has imploded 20 percent since 2000, the value of shares in that corporation have slid to their new valuation. This slide is softened by the inertia of having the whole world vested in the stock with no easy way to get out. If any party tries to dump all their shares they will create a panic and take a huge loss. So no one can really sell their shares in the U.S. Government Corp. Oil and those who use the DOLLAR for trade also become part of the company supply chain and thus additional backing for the DOLLAR. If any one country pulls out from using the DOLLAR the DOLLAR would have to re-evaluate lower to reflect a shrinkage of the U.S. Economy. The U.S. Economy is probably two thirds overseas now. Those who can like China Inc. will continue to sell shares in the DOLLAR and try to also reduce using it in trade.

The DOLLAR will continue to slide as alternatives like the yuan become more widely used and the DOLLAR less used. Periodically the DOLLAR will rise in value vis a vie other currencies like the Euro as those currencies devalue faster or collapse entirely. The DOLLAR will slide until it is replaced by some other more viable alternative or until U.S. Government Corp. goes into bankruptcy liquidation or is restructured under a new Constitution.

The DOLLAR could go to zero in a matter of days if the perfect storm were to strike or if the perfect alternative to it were found. Just remember it is a stock certificate, a futures bet on the U.S. Government and it's merchant association.

If the government collapses suddenly in the American people's minds so will the DOLLAR, both are just fictions.

Until then both will continue to die a slow death in the minds of men.

The Oracle

Clear & Elaborate,

+1 , with thanks.


Doesn't mean much when you can't afford fuel or pay your soldiers.

Pile all your clout in one hand, and take a crap in the other, now tell me which fills up the fastest.

Moodys agrees

Even if it was posturing to get public approval from a panicked America, it was still stupid to make those claims public.

Stable, + Slide,

almost all stake-holders do Not desire a panic, that would lead to collapse and losses for all. The ensuing confusion would be difficult to control, therefore they are 'letting' the gradual slide, gliding back to earth & reality, instead of hitting the ground with a bang, - because order is better than confusion.