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Mitt Romney Hauled in $18.25 Million, but Ron Paul Could Care Less


Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts and a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, hauled in $18.25 million during the 2nd quarter of campaign fundraising. Romney’s camp also reports that Mitt Romney has $12.6 million in campaign funds, sitting in the bank. Romney’s haul of $18.25 million places him well ahead of his competitors...the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, has relied on his business experience to bring in large cash contributions throughout his campaign.

Despite Romney’s relative success this quarter, the former Massachusetts Governor has one competitor that won’t be phased by Romney’s large amounts of cash. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.)...Even before the end of the 2nd quarter of campaign fundraising, Paul wasn’t concerned about Romney’s ability to raise a lot of money. During a video appeal to supporters, Paul professed that competing with Mitt Romney for campaign contributions wasn’t a priority of his. Paul even called the people who contributed to Romney during the phone-in fundraising event in May, “party bigwigs.”

“I don’t need $10 million dollars to match Mitt Romney, I am confident that my conservative record and our message of liberty can beat the establishment of both parties,”


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Money can't buy you love...

You can raise "fiscal" support but still miss the boat on "physical" support, Mittens.

Ron knows he has an army of supporters that will do, make, travel, volunteer, give, etc whatever is needed. Mitt would have to take that haul of his and BUY all of that, which is why he'll need (and waste) all that money that Ron Paul gets freely.

Money can't buy you love, Mitt ;-)

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Mitt and Michelle for front runner and VP?

I don't think so.

Make That "Couldn't Care Less"

If you could care less than you do, you care. If you couldn't care less, it's because you don't care at all.

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