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TSA warns of possible airline threat involving implanted bombs

The government has warned airlines that terrorists are considering surgically implanting explosives into people in an attempt to circumvent screening procedures, according to U.S. officials.


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hey everybody... calm down...

read carefully... "terrorists are considering... implanting"... TSA is way ahead on this one... ;)

This is terrifying...


I'm not afraid of the bombs. I'm afraid that in the next ten years we won't even be able to cross state lines by car without being individually probed thoroughly and scanned for anomalies.

I'm terrified that our government is going to keep using this irrational fear and scare tactics to subjugate us completely.

Once this power exists, it's only a matter of time until it's used to silence political opposition. It's bad enough dealing with the police force... let's not empower the TSA to even greater levels than the police by not even requiring them to have probable cause or suspicion while molesting us...

I Swear!

Since 9/11 they've been trying to turn the world into Total Recall or some Bruce Willis movie. It's WAY past time to stop this nonsense!


Poppycock! I ain't buying it! Get rid of the TSA!

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So the government can get to the plans but not the people?

must be magic...or maybe an old fat guy who is mad that states are fighting against screening procedures.

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How predictable! ...and my

How predictable! ...and my first suspicion goes to CIA???? for creating another disaster. The global elites are successfully implanting non-confidence in all American institutions .... Washington, Fed Reserve, Pentagon, TSA, Scotus, Media, Education, Police. In so doing the downfall of US is happening as we write, yell and posture while another governing shadow organization is emerging under our noses into full public view, as warned against. It would appear that Washington has no intention bringing home the troops too soon. Absenting US military from its home shores leaves Americans totally vulnerable and susceptible to alternative martial forces being aggressively put into place before the next election.

Warning: 600 will die on US highways today!

Don't drive your car without a TSA agent at your side!

What a joke they are!

Cavity Searches!

"I need cavity searches all around"

"Agent Hurley, ....Deep and

"Agent Hurley, ....Deep and hard...."

When is the government going to protect us from the government?

".......in addition to the use of other screening methods such as pat-downs and the use of enhanced tools and technologies."

Such tools as whips, chains, cattle-prods and stun-guns. How long will people keep flying to America?

Best comment

"No problem, TSA will just start randomly dissecting people."

This is so obviously manufactured. Is this all a lead up to biometric id's?

Oh my...

"...terrorists are considering..." : So, sitting in the cafe, mulling over ideas all the while keeping DHS informed of what they are 'considering'.

I can barely type I am laughing so hard...

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that one got me too

I pictured some goat herder sitting out in a field in the classic "Thinker" pose....


Two identically named threads?