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Ed Vallejo's Video from the Flagstaff July 4th Parade

"Let it not be said we did nothing."

That's for DAMN sure!!!

Lead, follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY because WE SHALL NOT BE STOPPED! My favorite saying while handing out Campaign materials was "HONEST MAN FOR PRESIDENT! I know you're not used to it, but HONEST MAN FOR PRESIDENT!" Heh heh - I got a lot of smiles, and a few skunkeyes here and there, but we had so much fun doing this I can't advise stongly enough to TAKE EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY, make it COUNT, and don't EVER stop SMILING!

Give no reason whatsoever to discount your efforts, or ignore Ron and what we believe in. We are making phenominal progress, and must remain keen to set "brushfires in the minds of men."

If you haven't been a participant in the 'self-governing process' for most of your life (like I was before 2004) HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE UP FOR YOUR PART IN ALLOWING OUR LIFESTYLES TO BE STOLEN!!!

How bad do you want it...?

Most Sincerely,