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A Petition to Impeach Obama

With Barack Obama Going behind Congresses back to write an Executive Order to allow Amnesty for illegal immigrants after failing twice in congress, and has curcumvented our constitution by proceding to ingage in Operations in Libyia without congressional approval. Just because he sent someone to congress and congress didn't respond in time is NOT approval. These actions are Impeachable offenses and needs to be addressed. The petition is located here at :


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As of 7/12/2011

I now have 19 signatures. I am tryin g to get the word out as fast as I can.

I wonder if they learn

Also I am worried about the Electoral College. If Ron Paul Wins Popular Vote he still can't get in.

You posted this on another

You posted this on another thread and I explained why "petitions" DON'T work. Others here may go into greater detail. I did the best I could... I would be interested in knowing WHO the owners of, change.com are.

The best way to control the opposition is to LEAD it.

YOUR servant for freedom, Clay Carey

P.S. Welcome on board the FREEDOM TRAIN!! We all have our ride to take, DO NOT let me side track you.

YOUR FRIEND and servant for freedom, Clay Carey

Thank you

I am new to the Ron Paul Supporter network. I got energized when I first heard of him. By the way I have found a Video that I just loved.

Thought you might like it, but it's old you might have seen it already.

Go ahead. We impeached that liberal Dick Cheney last time...

We did impeach that liberal traitor Rich Cheney last time, and our treasonous Senate protected his petard.

Our Senate is a laughing stock. They blocked Cheney from being removed and did the same with Clinton.

So go ahead and pass the petitions everywhere....the reality is, until you impeach the entire treasonous Senate...this government is over.

60% of those sitting in the U.S Senate should not even be there, and their supporters are worse as Rand has said.


I REMEMBER THOSE YEARS! We also learned that blood defies gravity and runs UP-hill....DAMN....We're STILL learning.

Yes, drive all the petitions and spin around in circles.....

All while the 17th amendment is a fraud, half our Senate was not legally elected....and we need to toss them all out rather than support such a ridiculous circus show..

It's a circular motion....Until you toss out the treasonous Senate, you will not have a Senate that obeys the law and you will not have a Senate that votes to end the Federal Reserve.

We need to strip the 17th amendment from numerous states....Throw out the garbage Senators...then and only then will our prosecution efforts convict everybody!

Can anyone tell me how I can

get more exposure to this Petition ? Is this a good Topic ?
I am geting no critisism about this.

Re: Can anyone tell me how.....

Yes Dave it's a good topic and you are doing right. I guess most people are burnt out on it though. Seems too many people have started and then stop. The system keeps giving thoughs who try the run around.

Never the less there are still some cases working in the backround. I guess you know, Ron and some others are trying to sue him over Libya now....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks