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Ron Paul polled #1 in Texas, #3 in New Hampshire

I don't understand how anyone can be discouraged. We are early in the game... I never would have expected him to do better than this so soon

Texas: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2011/07/06/ron-paul-top-contender...

New Hampshire: http://www.wmur.com/r/28452166/detail.html

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straw polls?

were these straw polls?

if not, don't put too much merit in them. there are a lot of frank luntz's in the world.

The Texas

poll is promising.
Not too impressed with NH.
I can't believe Romney has this much support in NH.
NH republicans voted for Buchannan in 96.
I think we could be higher than 7% if independents were polled.


Can't believe NH...Isn't that where the "Free State Project" set up shop? Just goes to show, lots of work still to be done.

I thought New Hampshire had a

I thought New Hampshire had a large Libertarian contingent. What's up with that?

Don't worry

The poll was only based on 350 republican voters. Not really enough to be accurate.

It's up to the Paul campaign staff to

contact the Azimuth polling people and get a press release into the news, not only Texas news. These are campaign tools that have to be used. The campaign acts so indifferent to these things. Any other candidate's staff would find a way to get this in the news!

alan laney

Azimuth's domain is owned by Dave Nalle (RLC)


Agree but don't be too hard on them

Remember the oldstream media is against us and they are not playing fair.

inspiration bump!!

Great news! Now if the media would just report it!!!

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