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If Liberals know that our government is controlled by the corporations, why do they want the "rich" to give more money to it?

Can someone please answer this for me?

Also, how about we tax only the corporations that cheat... And by cheating I mean the companies that receive taxpayer bailouts, government contracts, subsidies, and other special government favors to make a profit.

All the honest companies and individuals shouldn't be taxed at all!

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statist mentality

...so many have been reprogrammed away from the American perspective (Constitution, liberty, freedom, individual responsibility), that there is a collective conscious to believe we can control others, direct them, monitor them, change their mind, do better, blah blah blah.

"...if we only tinker with this number here, or provide for this group there, then..." etc.

consider the hegelian dialectic, federalization of education, media, and a let-them-eat-cake (watch t.v., have high credit limits, etc) mentality.

plainly, there are just people in this world that believe if only someone else would act a certain way then their life would be better. and they put this trust in the State, instead of exampling it themselves.

www.politicalcompass.org take the test, it's fun!

The Answer: Simple Logic

If the RICH and "Big Business" are the main ones benefiting from the Government (which is true if you examine the Judicial System, and the Tax Code, the Loopholes, Deductions, etc., and realize that 39,950 pages of the 40,000 Tax Forms are written for them and not the poor), then it only makes common sense that these people step up to the plate and pay the greater percentage.

Billionaire Warren Buffet was apalled that someone like him pays a lower rate in Taxes than his own secretary does -- so should you.

It's called Fairness.

"People should share in society's common costs according to their ability to pay."

--President Franklin Roosevelt


It then also clearly follows that society's common costs should be shared according to people who benefit the most from the whole system.

You know what? We could all pay down the debt quite easily just by taxing The Federal Reserve Monopoly (which is tax exempt), although I prefer to abolish it altogether. But taxing Exxon-Mobile -- who made something like 400 Billion in profits and yet paid no Federal Taxes -- would be a good place to start now wouldn't it?

Why on Earth should the struggling worker have to pay his taxes like a rat on a treadmill, and then Exxon-Mobile get off scott free?

The great inequity gap in the United States between the amount of money in the hands of the rich and everybody else is the largest of any non-3rd-World Nation on the planet. And the gap between the rich and the poor grows wider and wider and wider by the hour.

So yes Warren Buffet and "Liberals" are correct here.

1. Tax the Rich
2. Stop screwing over the poor and the middle-class (what's left of it)

Finally: A Nation that only serves the rich, and screws over the poor can never, ever be a great Country!

That's your answer.

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The problem with the "left" has always

been that they have no consistent foundational principles. All of their policies are ties to "instances." Specific goals they fight for with no mooring in a basic ethic.

Libertarians are so strong for our numbers because we are soundly rooted in the Non-aggression Principle. that is why our peace policies never flip-flop, and that is true of all other policies that affect peace & freedom.

Left (and right) ideologues have no fundamental objection to coercion, so they always function on a very slippery slope tilting toward tyranny and never seeing the danger ahead. As in every Left revolution, idealized abstractions hold more importance than real individuals.

Oppression is acceptable in pursuit of their goals. Obama's mentor Alinsky, in his Rules for Radicals, quite candidly stated that obtaining power trumps all other goals.

Hi reedr!

My response to this question is:

Most Americans, Liberal or not, don't know that the US Government is a Corporation, or made of many corporations.

We are living in a political era when neo liberals and neocons have become the ruling party of Dinos and Rinos. An Independent Candidate does NOT have the right to be on the ballot since Perot. Ask Nader, who has lost several state hearings since 2004, when Democrats/ with GOP help (and allot of public ballopt laws ignorance) used underhanded tactics to stop Nader, as they do Ron Paul, with censorsip, which is still alive and well.

The Liberals are ashamed of Obama as Conservatives were/ and are, ashamed of Bush, who in my opinion is VERY liberal. I thought the problem with politicians is they had not read Solzenichen's, Gulag Archipelago, Bush used it as a road map. (There's a movie!)

Like Conservatives voting for Bush, Liberals have been lied to, and they FEAR conservatives. A wise conservative who understands this will appeal to more librals than someone looking to blame or make the coals hotter than they all ready are. I didn't see any Obama signs and flags being waved for the 4th, and personally, I don't think he wants to be president anymore anyways.

II would not be shocked to see President Ron Paul in office 2013, please God hear my prayer. Oh PS.. plenty of Liberals are believers, so it's ok to pray for them.


The American Rich. Christianity rich.

How long untill you realize, there is a WAR going on , for your MIND. It's not in the middle east.

The point I think liberals

The point I think liberals make is this:

Government has some functions. Anyone who is not an anarchist agrees with this. These functions are not free. Money has to come in to pay for these functions. Morever, if the government was a private corporation that charged for these servies, yes, it would hurt the economy since you are taking people's money, but they have to be paid for their work. That is like complaining Mickey D's takes your money when you buy frood from them, preventing you from buying an HDTV and helping the economy.

If you don't collect money, you get the printing of money, and inflation. Inflation disproportionately hurts the poor and the middle-class in favor of the rich.

If you collect money, you need to tax people. When you tax people, you can do it so EVERYONE shares the burden. You have a progressive taxrate because 1) the richest are more easily able to bear the burden and 2) the rich generally benefit more from government spending. Everyone feels the consequences of government. Then, they can really decide if the taxation is worth the government service.

If GWB or Obama had paid for their 4 trillion dollar+ wars with a 10% increase in the income tax, the wars would have been ended much sooner. Its very easy to vote for more spending, more action, more defense when it is "free". When money is coming out of your paycheck to pay for that, you pause and think about it.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Nothing is "free"... We have

Nothing is "free"... We have been paying for these wars with the inflation tax.

I was puzzled by this too...

early on when I found myself sounding like what I thought was a liberal. I wondered why more liberals and progressives weren't getting behind Ron Paul. I have come to the conclusion that many of them really do have a "socialist" agenda in that they want government to enforce humanitarian laws and to regulate corporations, breaking up monopolies, protecting the enviornment and promoting the "liberal" agenda... I think many who share this view are "ok" with giving up some individual liberties in order to be a part of the greater "whole"... There seems to be some sort of naive belief that the collective "government" will continue to look out for their best interests or allow them to keep all their comforts while it takes care of the less fortunate...

It doesn't make sense to me but those are my observations at least...

Socialism is dead in

Socialism is dead in America.

I mean, seriously. When the talking heads talk about socialism...who is really a socialist? People in this country hate government...

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Only Corporations Are Taxpayers

If you live outside Washington D.C. and you are classified as human then you are exempt from the income tax.
If the corporations actually paid the income taxes that they owe then there would be no need to trick people into paying THEIR taxes for them. (other than greed)

Social security payments are insurance payments to maintain the workforce during their productive years, not a savings plan for retirement. Retired ss recipients have an A placed before their number to designate them as an auxiliary beneficiary. Only if there is money left over from taking care of the active workforce will payments be made to auxiliary beneficiaries. That is if Congress and the owners of U.S. Government authorize it. The workers don't own the company anymore.

All the income tax is is interest on the financing provided through the federal reserve. All of the income tax goes to the bondholders. I claimed my bond so as of tomorrow the corporations will pay the tax to me.
Perhaps you still think you are an individual and will pay tax to me too?

(an individual is the least divisible part of the corporation, not a human, humans are exempt))

The Oracle

I do not see the corporation paying any taxes. please explain.

corporations pass on ANY & EVERY expense to the consumer. The consumer pays every tax that is conceived.
I will conceed to you the SSI thingy. Any energy that actually produces WEALTH comes from the lowest contributer.
Look at China, where did they get their wealth? From American consumers who are at the bottom. Their cheep workers are at the bottom. That is their wealth transfer. ON the backs of the poor. The bailiouts are and were the transfer of American wealth.

Did I mention all the rich people who have now moved out of America and placed their investment monies in China.
They have no alliegence to America and American ideals.
Try taxing them. These are they who support Globalization and who screwed the American worker. Money is there god.
They have placed it above all that is called GOD, and American.

The reason they want to tax rich American people in the USA, is that they are still American and support American ideals. Globalization has to break their bank and replace them with who they choose. That is precisely why I'm not a gold advocate. It's too late in the game. Your cutting your own throat in favor of a new system.

They want to get rid of the American influence by limiting American idealist contributers.
Globalization is more important. HA! HA! so they think.

The Income Tax Is Getting Shunted From The Corporations

Onto working people by "everybody knows" you have to pay taxes. Not true. Besides what does pay mean when there is no money? It means authorize. So if you get a tax bill and you are a human living outside D.C. You can use the voucher attached to 1040 v to pay the tax thus bypassing you and going back to the corporations!
You need to get unbraindead and learn how to use your exemption number to do that.

The fraudulent "everybody knows" con is designed to get Americans to contribute any excess income to the U.S. Bonholders as a profit for them so that A. Bondholders get big smile B. No one ever accumulates enough wealth to ever be free of debt slavery and challenge the ruling communist class oligarchy. The progressive income tax is right there in the communist party planks.

Go to George Gordons Law School website. He has a great rundown of the Ten Planks of The Communist Manifesto and shows how we have adopted them all!

George Gordon is the best Lawyer in America, not a BAR traitor.

The Oracle

Thanks but I knew all this info 40 years ago.

when you use the term Corporation, I was talking of producing type corporations, not the false entity corporation that runs things. Yes I understand the False corp. deal, and can agree on that. But it takes more than the False lawyers to circulate false notes. It take businessmen from the producing arena. It is what makes it happen all around the World. People have to live which creates, dare I say, DEMAND. The engine no one talks about except in abstract terms. CHINA expects DEMAND from America or we would not be getting LOANS. It has all been orchestrated.
To transfer Wealth. Peace has nothing to do with ANYTHING.
Peace is a DISTRACTION to suck people in. Why do you think the U.N. 1948 gave land to Israel? To make a sucking sound.
People fuss about Israel but I believe they are being used to accomplish Globalization. They are a sweet distraction. I don't know if they are in on the take, but it makes good copy. At any rate what ever the case with Israel, they have fullfilled God's prophesy. And there is more to be fullfilled.

You essentially say the same things except the rich in America are under attack. The powers want to stifle their contribution abilities. These would be True Patriots.

Satan better be slick, because he is going down to the PIT and beyond. God is a consuming FIRE.

Battleships vs. Sloops

The progressive tax system is designed to confiscate the wealth of all the sloops and transfer it to the battleships. The idea is not to tax the rich but to tax all the small business owners to death so they can never gain enough capital compete with the monopoly boys. Hen peck order, that's all it is. The powerful rob from the up and comers to make sure they never come up too far and present the threat of replacing them at the top of the hen peck order.
The aristocracy has one enemy, the middle class small business owner. That is why they invented communism, to take down the middle class a few notches.

The Oracle

The same way they want civil rights but want to ban smoking.

Or push environmental laws that benifit GE. Or laws in general to protect the earth/land/sky/animals/humans (the list goes on.. but protest against a police state that is only there to inforce the laws that they demanded.

Bt then how can Conservatives be 'right to life' but pro-war and pro-death penalty?

It's a bunch of hypocracy..

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.