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Honeymoon Help - Need Travel Advice

So, I'm getting married August 13th and need to plan a honeymoon. I don't have a passport and we don't have a ton of money but we were looking for a cheap honeymoon.

I thought Puerto Rico but it's not set in stone.

Does anyone know any tips or sites they frequent that could get me a great deal?

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You can find timeshares for rent on ebay for PENNIES

on the dollar!

Is it legit? Have you ever

Is it legit? Have you ever done this?

Columbus, Ohio

My suggestion with Congratulations!

Come to the coast of Mendocino.


Cheap and easy?

In the old days, a great big boat did the trick.

Now a days, and with your background in archeology ...

A swim with the dolphins and manatees ...

and a "cap off" weekend stay at a Florida resort ...

you can't go wrong.

Assuming you are east of the Mississippi of course.

I am east of the Mississipp.

I am east of the Mississipp. Any suggestions for where in Florida? Cities, resorts to stay, specifics? My future sister in law lives in St. Petersburg.

Columbus, Ohio