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NC Troopers harrass attractive female driver



RALEIGH -- Text messages released by the N.C. Highway Patrol on Tuesday confirm that two troopers communicated about Gina Tessener, a Raleigh woman who was wrongfully arrested for drunken driving in Wilmington last month.

But the messages, peppered with profanity, do not show the troopers colluded to make a subsequent traffic stop of Tessener's lawyer husband.

"This woman refused all roadside testing, and blew .00," the arresting officer, Senior Trooper Edward S. Wyrick, texted about Tessener at 12:03 a.m. June 22. "Her husband is a trial lawyer and told me I should be ashamed of myself."

The recipient of the message, Trooper Andrew M. Smith, then responded: "Hahahaha f--- her and f--- him. She say how much she'd had to drink?"

Wyrick wrote back: "She said 1 drink at 7pm."

"F--- her," Smith responded.

About 15 minutes later, Smith pulled over Hoyt Tessener, Gina's husband, as he followed Wyrick's patrol car to the New Hanover County jail in rural Castle Hayne.

Read more: http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/07/06/1324197/trooper-texte...

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im sick of this kind of

im sick of this kind of stuff. is there anyway to make a private police force with a private police station that way i can become a private cop and start arresting these pigs.

It is good to refuse all voluntary roadside tests

Now, if they are mandatory, do them, but refuse all voluntary roadside tests.

Of course, when you refuse, they typically take you in for testing. But you'll get more accurate testing at a station.

Once a cop pulled me over and tried to make me do the roadside test cuz I smelled like booze. I didn't have a drop (someone had spilled wine on me), but if I failed walking in a line or saying the alphabet, I would have gotten a DUI. But I learned that in my state (GA), I could refuse the test and insist on a blood and/or urine test. I did so and the cop let me go.

Concerning the text, the supposed wrongful arrests, etc., the MSM has taught me to not go by the story of one side.

Note to self: If I fail the

Note to self: If I fail the state issue'd blood/pee test, wait until I have been "processed" and just befor they clank the door, insist that my personal doctor run the test. Result, TWO tests, with different results to take to court.

That cop did say that I was being strategic by refusing

the roadside test.

When I insisted on the blood/pee test, he said something like, "You just know that by the time I get you to jail and have the test set up, you'd be in the legal range."

Anyway, I dunno if they'd let you request a personal doctor. But it's worth a try.

If they refuse, then their

If they refuse, then their test won't stand in court. I heard of this (on a radio show) years ago from one of the attorney's for the Hells Angels.

He also stated, that if you were driveing after drinking a few and the red lights come on behind you, that the law says you are to stop immediatly (not look around for a safe place), so stop in the middle of the busiest intersection you can and get out of your car. If the officer really feels (from observation) that you are to drunk to drive, he will surely NOT ask you to operate your car again and move it out of the intersection....if he does...NO charge will stick!