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"For The Good of the Party"

"My least-favorite phrase in the English language," former Republican congressional candidate Brian Miller sighed with weary disgust, "is `for the good of the party.'" Miller, chairman (at least for now) of Arizona's Pima County Republican Party, made the mistake of assuming that the interests of the Party were best served by defending individual liberty. That's why he protested the May 5 murder of Jose Guerena by a SWAT team in a widely circulated e-mail entitled "We Are All Jose Guerena."


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Wow there's some colorful language in that article

"Peddling the purest piffle" being one of my favorites.

I also enjoyed the colorful descriptions of
armed tax-feeders, clad in the habiliments of the State's punitive priesthood, mouth-breathing armed minions, sanctified purveyors of lethal violence. I wonder how the author really feels?

Way to go Mr. Miller for standing up for principles over party and armed union pressure."Progressively less government until we get to none", Great political outlook. Tucson is lucky to have you. Good luck to you sir.

Looks as if the Pima Conty GOP needs a good dose...

of libertarianism, not to mention, backbone.