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How Strong are We? I'm just really wondering...

I just want to know how many of us (true Ron Paul supporters) there are?

It just seems like there could be a way for all of us to come together (online of course) and unite in a way that really shows our numbers. Here's why I'm thinking about this:

Considering Ron Paul has about 400,000 Facebook followers I was thinking that if they all donated just $10, that's 4 million dollars BOOOM! Why can't we do this??

Side note, I think that people just assume their $10 doesn't matter. How do we tell people that it matters!!!!???!?!?!?

Ooh how about 19onthe19th! And instead of trying to get people to donate on money bomb day, we urge 1 mil people to dedicate $19 on the July 19th. Is this possible???

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When supporters

are focused, they are unstoppable.

When they are scattered, and distracted, or focused on side issues, or onesy twosey type efforts, then we might as well hang it up.

It's pretty simple.

Go to the official website.
Sign up as a volunteer.
ACTUALLY volunteer.
Do what they ask of you.

The strategy is this:

Reach as many people, in as little time, for the least amount of money and effort as possible.

Local talk radio in focused states. (Iowa, New Hampshire)
Comment sections in focused states.
Phone banking in focused states.
These three things are VITAL in shaping the discussion, and people don't even have to leave their homes to do it.

The moneybombs, should be being promoted on Coast to Coast, and people should be calling into infowars radio show and rallying the troops, but they can't even do that.
If 30 thousand of us, can't convince a million others to donate 50 bucks, then I don't know what to say.

Once again, these are things that can be done WITHOUT EVEN LEAVING YOUR HOME.

For some reason, people just aren't getting involved.

They would rather preach to the choir, or sit around and talk about Casey Anthony or whatever BS distraction of the day is. It's pathetic, as in APATHETIC.

Also, people that tell you "we should be decentralized" do not have the slightest clue, of how to run a campaign.

If the power of the grassroots isn't harnessed and focused, then we are done. Period.

Take a lesson from the animal kingdom.

There is a tiny fish that swims out in the ocean. I can't think of the proper name for it.
The fish are so small that if they swim alone, they will certainly get eaten.
So, they swim or school together and make themselves look like one giant fish so that other predators stay away. It is the same strategy that needs to be applied here.

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Go LOCAL for such election strategies!

Each state has different rules. To be most effective GET involved locally and DON'T discuss details of election strategies HERE or at any open forums.

The reason we can't determine how many we are

...is that we are all different.

That is the beauty of freedom.

Some freedom lovers are Ron Paul supporters. Some support other freedom candidates.

Some don't believe in the system and practice civil disobedience. Some are christians and have their community, others are muslim and have theirs.

Some are in national or race related communities, some are gamblers, some want the right to smoke pot, some just want to be left alone.

Some want to fight for choice others for life.

The beauty of freedom is to love all for who they are and what they choose to do. That is the one goal we all share. Apart from that we may not have much in common.

Ask for signatures, like you

Ask for signatures, like you would a petition, of decided voters RP can count on. The "enemies" may use this as ammo!


our numbers are about 9% in

our numbers are about 9% in new hampshire, and 22% in texas


Perhaps a great way to find out our REAL numbers is to get the official campaign involved.

My idea: When a person donates to RP via the online website donation button, the automated generated email that gets sent with the transaction ID and the other confirming information --> In this email, the RP campaign should also include a unique username and/or password to an online form on the official RP 2012 website. The campaign should setup a place on the campaign website for users to login and voice their opinions and stay in contact with one another. Tying a login to criteria (a username and/or password) to donations allows for the campaign and supports to gauge how many people really are out there, and thereby weeding out the enemies who come on to RP friendly sites and spew their hatred...(and at the very least, even if these enemies insist on hating on us, at least they had to donate to the campaign...hahaha).

So to restate the idea: The RP campaign should create a member only login forum on their official campaign website that will allow members to connect with one another (and the campaign and to get a glimpse into how many REAL supports are out there and a base-level of their commitment, etc.) by sending out login information (username and/or password) in donation confirmation emails.

What do ya'll think? ....It's late in the evening for me so I haven't thought this through....

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

Yeah, this is pretty much

what I was suggesting too....Something like this and as you said, it's much better done by the campaign, because then they can "track" the numbers without having to divulge information that might be used in the hands of our competitors. Even if they just had a spot to pledge your support in the primaries with little something that reads like:

"I pledge to attend the primary polls in my state to support Ron Paul."

They can ask things like party affiliation, name, address, phone, the usual..blah blah blah, then use that info later to send out reminders to ALL supporters (even the non-active ones) to go vote in the primaries.

We are kind of doing this at a local level, and I hope the campaign catches on (i have suggested it to them)....When we come in contact with people, we take just that information I listed above, and this way we can stay in touch for the very reason to get them to the polls (and more recently, strawpoll) so they don't forget. It is also invaluable, because it helps us see how much we are impacting, and provides for great follow up.


Hey normltexas

Do you go by the name "ronny reeferseed" here in Austin by any chance?

No, but I wish I did. That

No, but I wish I did. That name's hilarious.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

I posted this in another forum, so I am reposting here:

I AGREE 100%

I proposed some kind of tracking system that we need to put into place, so that we know our numbers, but my suggestion got buried.

I firmly believe though, with any project or goal, you have to know how you are doing. We can't just be "blindly optimistic", because I for one, don't want to be disappointed at the polls. I just as I'm sure ALL OF you on the daily paul want RON PAUL TO WIN!!!! So, let's be sure of it!

Grassroots support is without-a-doubt amazing, and invaluable, but it isn't without its dysfunction and disorganization.

We have to stay organized. We need numbers. We need pledges, we need delegate info, and not in 25 different spots on the internet. We need ONE place, where all RP supporters can gather. ONE unified place so there is no question as to which one to sign-up on. What I find, is that in all our support, we're all going to different places to get our info.

We need to fix this. I do not doubt for a moment the mass of our support, but it is EXTREMELY hard to gauge it.


No! In my opinion you are

No! In my opinion you are wrong! your thoughts along this line WILL lead us to DEFEAT!. We MUST stay "un-organised", un-centralised, and un-directed!


Understood, and point taken

but I'm not saying we become "centralized" on all accounts, or even "directed". We do need some sort of sense of the impact we are making; and on a positive, I think it would motivate people to see how big our numbers are as well as where we need to "gain ground". I think it would WAKE us up even more, and wake others up as well.

A big reason Ron Paul, his message, and his campaign has gained the momentum it has (aside from Liberty being popular) is because people have formed together and "organized" in some way/shape/form....Exampled by the Campaign for Liberty, by the campaign positioning in Iowa and New Hampshire much earlier with better organized staff, with all the Ron Paul forums, with the emergence of the Tea Parties....I could go on...My point is we are already oragnizing, we just need to do a better job of it. All of those things mentioned prior came about as a result of organizing the grassroots, and as result, Ron Paul has a much better shot this time around.

Individuals don't win elections. Individuals that rally together do. We can still be grassroots and be organized at the same time. We all want the same thing, for Ron Paul to be our President. That's our goal. It's great people want to do their own thing, as they should, but when it comes to our goal, don't you think it's a little important that we see HOW effective doing our own thing is being?

I'm not suggesting we lose our individuality, I'm merely suggesting we need some sort way to gauge our support, but I guess you can read into it how you want.


How can anyone doubt the impact we are all having...

for Godsakes the paper-doll, dime a dozen politicians the GOP keeps rustling up from the depths of desperation are ALL parroting Ron Paul! The entire focus of rhetoric is now on "proving one is Constitutionally inclined". When was the last time that occurred in anyone's memory? Have some confidence already...that kind of thing doesn't change until a big number of people start demanding it...


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

Right, but the sheeple

don't realize they are "parroting" Ron Paul. They get a big one pulled over on them by the establishment, and buy into the crap they are feeding them. Having numbers will SHOW the sheeple that it's Ron Paul with the support, not the "mockingbirds" stealing his tune. :)


Yea you're right...but

It's less about self confidence and more about convincing skeptics and planting our confidence into them with solid numbers they can see with their own eyes. That way we could finally put an end to this "ron paul is right, but he can't win" BS when. We have no effective weapon against that rhetoric yet this concept of a unified Ron paul supporter base which can house a RP supporter counter can give a big palm to slap the truth into their faces with. To a skeptic it can mean a world of difference when somebody shows them numbers rather than saying trust me he can win.


WE don't necessarily need the numbers, (though it would be nice for when people get discouraged), but we need those numbers to help "convert" more people.

If I had a dime for everytime I heard "I would vote for Ron Paul, but he can't win" I would be rich!

When we get responses like this, it's easy to fire back with "well our numbers are SOOOO much better than (insert other candidate here), so HE CAN WIN, and is WINNING!" And give them the proof!

Plus it's nice to see how close you are getting to your goal! :)


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i don't know how stong we are as a group but...

I can bench press like 250, so if you need someone for heavy lifting I'm your man. J/K bump it.