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DP Membership

I was wondering if we could have membership or just contribute and keeping the ads... so the site make money on both, contribution and advertising.


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I'm going to tackle this and

I'm going to tackle this and if I am wrong Micheal or Jon will let 'us' know.

The Daily Paul will NEVER be a paid for service!
ANYONE can join at ANY time.
You may (or may not) have to "suffer" through the advertisments.

I have been here for THREE YEARS (plus), their are others that have been here longer. I NEVER, NEVER, noticed the advertising, until it was pointed out.

I come here to learn and DEBATE, why would I click on a link to take me to floride world?

P.S. FOUR YEARS? (your membership status) and you ask THIS question?

Maybe I wasn't clear :)

I subscribed for the membership option in my account. As you, I have never notice all those ads, until they disappeared :).

So I was wondering, if I could have them back, even if I pay this membership. This way the site makes more money... am I right?

yes 4 years and 4 days, it

yes 4 years and 4 days, it seems like yesterday, only that I lost the innocence of my mind.