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ELECTION 2012: On the Trail with Gary Johnson

Are we running into the same fate as Greece? What do we do about the TSA? Is it time to open a 'Ministry of Truth'? What about the Bilderberg Group? How do we handle the energy crisis? Gary Franchi caught up with presidential hopeful Gary Johnson while on the 2012 Campaign Trail to answer these questions and more.


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Oh good grief. He is worse

Oh good grief. He is worse than I imagined.

He is advocating the Fair Tax (Communism Lite). It would put every person in America on a government dole called a "prebate." Can you imagine the constant legislative fights over how to structure that? I paid high taxes all my life. I do not need a US sales tax to pay now that I am retired, nor do I want to beg the government to "prebate" me for it. Take this to the Daily Johnson.

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HOLY SH#T!!!!!!!

Did you guys catch that? Bill Clinton wants to establish a government monitoring agency for the internet, and he wants to call it the MINISTRY OF TRUTH! Is he a dumbass, an arrogant bastard, or has he honestly never read 1984?

Seriously, I think that deserves its own thread. Anybody want to look into it and get a post up?


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This isn't a new idea. Tim Berners Lee, one of the acknowledged "creators" of the internet protocol, was convinced this was a good idea, too, several years ago.

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