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Caught in the act - Why citizens MUST retain the right to film police & government officials (Stossel)

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Cameras are everywhere. Let

Cameras are everywhere. Let all public servants know that their actions are being recorded.

The First Amendment protects

The First Amendment protects that Right. Remember, public servants work for us. We have the right to vote them out, and to fire them. We don't have to take any abuse from them.

It is extremely important today to always have a camera with you, We are all filmed countless times every day. There are cameras everywhere. The idea that somehow the people of this nation could be PROHIBITED from filming police or politicians is outrageous. Let them try to get a conviction in a jury trial. And then sue.

If you fail to use your rights, you will loose them.

They hate accountability

and or transparency. This is so important.

Just like they put the question to us

If you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, so we should be allowed to film police.

It is a no-brainer

People should generally be allowed to video ANYONE in public.

Certainly, people cannot get so close to cops that they make a situation more dangerous, but letting them video us and not us them is establishing a class system (as if we don't already have one).

Power Corrupts

Honest, well-motivated police must be glad to get the liars among them off the street.

Not only is video an asset, but the Internet can be used to keep a record of complaints - if we can rate washing machines, boyfriends, and videos, why not officers?

The sooner the bad apples are gone, the better the police remaining will be respected.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Now, GET SERIOUS, create the

Now, GET SERIOUS, create the web site. I will be more than happy to submit the names of officers for Dallas County, Missouri!

Thanks Lars

This fits hand in glove with a project I am working on! I look forward to working with them.

YOUR servant for freedom, Clay Carey

Frankly, I support a national Civilian Review Board....

I think that as a matter of policy, we need a national Civilian Review board to have oversight of Police Departments and their Internal Affairs.

Period. Get the Fed out of it, form a national board with each and every state being a member.

Like Grand Juries, they can flat out indict and prosecute corrupt policemen who simply break their word.

Rand had said it best earlier what the answer clearly is....It is to make SURE these police have genuine punishment for their actions!!

Actions with teeth will make the rest of the Police, regardless of corruption level...think twice about ever violating the law.

Actions which are severe enough, under a Civilian Board, would lead to immediate termination of officer's employment as well as State charged felonies. They couldn't get away with it in Arizona with the new Mayor.

Frankly actions have consequences, and the only way the law will ever be respected again by many of these thugs is when those consequences are enforced on them.

"national civilian review board"....

I think that each policeman should be elected,and the police chief appointed by the district senator.Policemen should undergo election in their own districts.A full record of what they have done should be listed when election time comes around.Just an idea.

As long as everything is public record....available on request..

You are right, plus heavy punishment. That is the only way to get the "Fed" out of the police forces for good.

I think policemen should

I think policemen should focus only on crime and NOT enforcment of "regulations", which are only to make $$$$ for the state and all goes to the IMF. Traffic ticket?= BID-BOND, go ahead, ASK the judge! ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Bravo, great advice. I can't

Bravo, great advice. I can't believe that in this day in age so many people are as Naiive as they are. Oh yea the cops dont lie..blah blah blah. I say there should be a FEDERAL law that mandates third party lie detector tests In court on police officers, If their word is truly "official" I for one think Lie detector technology should be implemented, after all of the evidence we have of everyday police corruption, we deserve to have the truth.


It costs money to conduct lie detectors and have them analyzed by experts, who will pay for it? But why stop there, shouldn't EVERYONE that testifies under oath be subjected to a lie detector test then too? Do you honestly think it's police that solely lie under oath? The anti-police sentiment from some of the members on this board can really go over the top sometimes.

Mr. Hoffer, Your mother

Mr. Hoffer, Your mother called!

While she agrees with most of your post, it was that last line, "The anti-police sentiment from some of the members on this board can really go over the top sometimes", that caught her attention. She asked that I relay the following message.

Dear son, Pull your sorry head out of your back pocket! In my life time you COULD trust a cop, but THEN they were't trying to rob you all the time. Son, they use to change tires for 'ol ladies like me. Can you imagine that? They actualy provided a service! Now, oh my, its just like something out of that Deathlands novel. What with the badge they get instant attitude and become Barons or some such. Mace, pepper spray, and tazors, my word Tazors can you imagine the like? And they use them all to easily! They walk the streets now, no better than the Bloods or Crips did twenty some year go! Son...THEY FRIGHTEN ME NOW! Oh, I know that there are still some "good" ones, my mind ain't that far gone. The point is, well, THERE'S JUST TO DAMN FEW OF THEM LEFT! (the good cops I mean, all too many of the other). Son, I know it is difficult for you to fire up BOTH brain cells and get them to working together, but could you please try to reach up and pull the blinders off your eyes, then you will be able to see the police state you live in and deal better with REALITY. Love, your momma.

P.S. Make momma proud of her boy!

Man, I'm glad she said it! I have seen your posts over the years and I sure wouldn't want to debate you on this. I'm not qualified!

I would not condone the use

I would not condone the use of "Federal" anything. Nuff said!

Yeah. I'm really hoping that

Yeah. I'm really hoping that the cop who rammed the bike didn't just "lose his job", I hope he was sued for assault (better that he pay money to the victim than for taxpayers to waste money to keep him in prison, but I'd be willing to settle for the prison option if he was too broke to pay). But somehow I doubt he was punished any further, and is now probably working as a security guard or hell maybe they even rehired him

like they say, If you want to

like they say, If you want to be a criminal without having to go to jail, join the police.

These cops make the other 5%

These cops make the other 5% look bad. I believe the there is only 5% of cops that are good. If there were more good cops out there we would here them talking about about the bad ones. We do not here a lot of cops talking about the Nazism in the police force so their silence is agreement with Nazism!