Ron Paul Hits the Mainstream

Scrolling through the news this Monday morning, I'm happy to see the increasing coverage Ron Paul is receiving in the MSM. First, this video from CNN's Late Edition:

And a slew of stories on Paul in the MSM:

MSNBC: Taking the Second Tier Seriously
Harpers: The Republicans and Ron Paul
Huffington Post: Rudy, America's Victim
CNN: Paul's 9/11 Explanation Deserves to Be Debated
CNN Quick Vote: Do you think past U.S. foreign policy was a reason for the 9/11 attacks? The Ron Paul Effect

Furthermore, over 236 blogs now link into, including Gary Tanashian's Here is his latest on Dr. Paul: Gary Tanashian: Throw Him Out? Hell No.

Great work everyone! Keep it up.

Michael Nystrom

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CNN Story

The link to Paul's 9/11 Explanation Deserves to be Debated is excellent. Martin gives the response I was hoping for from Buchanan. We, as in all Paul supporters, really need an articulate response from conservative heavy wieghts to grab the public's attention. The posts on the corner at National Review Online and the piece by Malkinis are evidence of the intellectual dishonesty that has seeped into the republican party and those that endorse it in the media. Sadly, this soundbite slant is pervading the non-thinking republican readers/listeners/watchers and it is giving ground to the movement that seeks to keep Dr. Paul from the next Debate. While we win small victories against the MI GOP chairman, I did call him, we still have a fight on our hands to make sure Dr. Paul gets airtime at the debates.

In essence, we have ensure his invitation by getting Op-Ed pieces from people on the 9/11 commission, e.g., James Baker, and have others like George Will, Buchanan, Sowell make the case that Dr. Paul's postion on foreign policy is both the republican position and it is one that merits attention and the forum for public expression, lest we become a party of soundbites, faithful to nothing more than the war on terror.

Let's challenge the intellectually-honest writers who affirm and espouse our shared princples to produce pieces that support Ron Paul's continued presence at the debate. If any one has addresses or a list of such authors please post it so we can begin challenging them.