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Kill them with Kindness

I've been chumming the waters over at "youtube" on all the Barrack Obama videos. I've just been leaving polite, coherent questions in the message board asking; What does Barrack Obama stand for? So far most comments read, "He just wants us to get along and cooperate". But when I query as to what it is that he wants us to cooperate on, I get vicious, angry responses or I get " not really sure, now that I think about it". It's fun to make people think.

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A petition and kindness

A kind word turns away wrath! Way to go fishin!

Has anyone seen this yet: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/petition-sign.cgi?fed

I just signed it, but there were only 1028 signatures...

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

Thanks for posting, I just

Thanks for posting, I just added my name to the list.It was a blast yesterday watching RP's numbers nail down 1st in the "world" poll. It's amazing how quickly we can respond using all of our groups together. These are Great days indeed!