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HuffPo: Why Anti-War Democrats Should Vote Ron Paul

By Robin Koerner | Huffington Post


I'm having difficulty seeing how a Democrat who voted for Obama (whom I supported) for the right reasons in 2008 can in good conscience do so again given that there is another candidate who has been consistent in his opposition to all of these things -- not just in words but in deeds.

If you've read my other pieces, you already know who he is. But if not, you should also know that Ron Paul has voted to let states make their own laws on abortion, gay marriage etc. and to let individuals follow their own social conscience -- even when he disagrees with them (as I disagree with him on some of these issues). In other words, he is consistent in his beliefs in civil liberty.

If you are a Democrat, and you sit tight and vote Democrat again "because you've always been a Democrat" or because you think that some group with which you identity will benefit more from Democrat programs than a Republican one, then that is up to you, and I wish you well. But don't you dare pretend that you are motivated primarily by peace, civil rights or a government that treats people equally.

That Ron Paul, who has been standing up for these principles quietly for half a lifetime, happens to be a member of the Republican party is a lot less important than the principles that we should be voting on.

Read the whole thing (and pass it on!) at the Huffington Post

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DEMs 4 Paul

Democrats for Liberty
Democrats for Ron Paul

Stop Criminal Government wars, torture, secrecy and Spying
Decriminalize drugs, orgainic farming, gold and silver and state sovereignty



Website to change your registration and become a

Blue Republican is....


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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I hope the next time someone

I hope the next time someone asks the doctor "Why do you think you can win?", hope he says have you heard of blue republicans for Ron Paul??? Can you imagine the look on a Rachel Maddow's or a Chris Matthews' face??? Priceless.

This is huge...

Need to get this to as many po'd democrats as possible... :)

Posted this article on my Face Book

Posted this article on my facebook and am getting likes and comments from Democratic friends!Hopefully, some will make the effort.

This is why Ron needs to run

This is why Ron needs to run an independent campaign. As soon as all the primary debates are over he should run as an independent, it might be the time.

Indy days are over and out

I've worked hard durining three elections to help Nader get ballot access because to me, an independent candidate has the right to be on the ballot.

Between 2000 and 2004, Republicans and Democrats worked together to keep Nader off the ballot which resulted in law suits in 17 states, and courts ruling for the Established Parties.

An Independent candidate does not have the right to be on the ballot. You're wasting your time and money if you think you can do better than Ralph Nader.

I joined the CA GOP yesterday and I'm a Ron Paul Republican now. Join me.

Ron Paul can't run as [I]

It's federal law under McCain Feingold. Once you declare under a party for POTUS you cannot run in another party or unaffiliated.

GOP is his best chance.

This is a powerful article!

I sent this to a Liberal friend of mine and actually got this response:

"It’s all true. I don’t see the difference in actual policy between Bush and Obama. If Paul wins the Republican primary, he’s got my vote."

I then told him to register Republican to vote for Ron in the Primaries and haven't heard back from him yet... We'll see what he says... But still his response was better than I expected.

Spread this article far and wide!

I've gotten the same response

I've gotten the same response from my staunchly Democrat friends: "If Ron Paul is on the ballot, I'll vote for him" I don't see them actually being able to make the leap to register Republican and vote in the primary...but if he was on the ballot he'd get their vote.

I added this comment...

To all you libs out there who won't vote for Ron Paul because he's a "free market capitalist who believes in no government regulation­". You're all worried about corporatio­ns taking advantage of the workers and polluting our environmen­t.

Let me ask you this...

We have the largest, most expensive government the world has ever known... BY FAR, and our government introduced over 30,000 new regulation­s in just the last year alone. We have more laws, regulation­s, police officers and government enforcers than any other country in the world. (Hence, we also have WAY more people in JAIL than anyone else.)

And I ask you...

Are things getting better? Or worse?

Ask the 15-20% of Americans who don't have a job how things are going. (Those are the real numbers.) Ask the environmen­talists how things are working out for our environmen­t. Let me tell you what happens when government gets involved in EVERYTHING­...

There's only one organizati­on you have to bribe.

That's what's happening. Corporatis­m. The corporatio­ns own our government­. Why is our environmen­t polluted? Because the government ALLOWS corporatio­ns to pollute our environmen­t. The government controls the regs. Obviously the regs they are establishi­ng are not PREVENTING our environmen­t from being polluted, but rather ALLOWING it to happen.

In a true free market, with true private property rights, you could sue the corporatio­n for damages. The way it is now, as long as the pollution is within "allowable limits" there is nothing you can do.

Fact of the matter is... government is the FACILITATO­R of the corporatio­n's greedy practices, and both sides of the political spectrum are guilty. Our watchdog has been fed a piece of steak. (Big Government­, Big Brother)

This is why Dr. Paul advocates for a SMALL federal government­, with most matters left up to the state or local government­. He envisions exactly what our founders envisioned­: a small central government with 3 branches that really do check each other, with each state maintainin­g it's own sovereignt­y. 50 laboratori­es of democracy, each competing for citizens by providing low taxes and a high standard of living... with most matters handled LOCALLY.

This way, with 50 states holding their own sovereignt­y, if you live in a state that is mostly pro-aborti­on, chances are abortion will be legal in that state. (Dr. Paul believes abortion and gay rights are state issues... not issues for the federal government­.) If you don't like the way your state is running things, you can vote with your feet and move.

With an ever-expan­ding federal government­, sticking it's nose into every aspect of our lives, you end up with crony capitalism­, or corporatis­m (really fascism). If you don't like what the FEDERAL government is doing, you can't just move to another state... you're just screwed.

Like we are.

Ron Paul 2012

Oh, and one more question..­.

Since when did liberals start thinking the government was the solution to all our problems instead of the people themselves­?

Libertaria­nism is the same thing as CLASSICAL LIBERALISM­. Unfortunat­ely the democratic party has been taken over by big government nanny-stat­e liberals just like the republican­s have been taken over by big government war mongering neocons.

Sad really.

We the People are supposed to be in charge. Not We the Government­.


Fact of the matter is...

...the democrat party has been hijacked just like the republican party. They have been hijacked by big government, nanny-state liberals just like the republicans have been hijacked by big government, war-mongering neocons.

Libertarianism is essentially the exact same thing as CLASSICAL LIBERALISM. Most dems, deep in their heart, believe in Ron Paul's ideas even more than most republicans.

Ron Paul for President's picture

The comments following the Huffpost article

were full of those policing their own and refuting stereotypes with references. I am energized. This is great!

Blue Republican now on Facebook
h ttps://ww ­w.facebook ­.com/bluer­epublican? ­sk=info

This article is great for converting.

My friends wife, who was very very liberal, has recently decided she was voting for Ron Paul. She shared this article that I posted on Facebook and has convinced her mom (who is also liberal) to vote RP with a little push from this article. Lots of libs switching to republican to vote for Paul, this will never show in polling data. We're winning peeps!

Simply awesome!


Wow! This is a fabulous article.

I sent this to a Prog/Lib Democrat friend on Facebook and this is the message I got back within the hour.

OH my gosh! I love this! haha. I swear Robin was reading my mind! I had already made up my mind to register Republican for Ron Paul before this article, but was not going to tell anyone other than you and Nancy. I could put a Ron Paul sign up in my yard....Dan will never let me live it down tho and he will totally take it the wrong way...I just want to pinch him sometimes. I am going to send this article to all my Democrat friends. It is probably a good idea for a "Democrat" to be talking about Ron Paul. Perhaps I can change some minds. .....okay. I'll take a sign.

OK, I had been working on her for awhile and she is remarkably open minded, but this goes to show the power of this author's logic.

Promote this article and this strategy to your Lefty friends! Its definitely a Win-Win.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I was trying to make this

I was trying to make this point (Ron Paul IS the only true anti-war candidate) on democraticunderground.com and got my account disabled in no time. Amazing.

Ron Paul threatens the political establishment....

on both the Left and Right.
What is "amazing" is WHO turns out to be the supporters of the establishment.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Robin Koerner has inspired a movement!

The Blue Republicans are already up and running on Facebook and it's catching on like wildfire!

Please 'Like' their page and spread the word!


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Just Liked

And I really can't stand facebook, but this is way too important.

This is very HUGE. So many

This is very HUGE. So many are disillusioned with Obama, and RP is closer to honesty and their views than any other candidate. What we MUST remember, however, is that a Democrat's basic political view is diametrically opposite of ours. So we must tolerate, give lots of leeway, debate or educate if we want to try, but NEVER put down their feelings or views. Each person has their own reasons for coming Ron's way, and I know I even disagree with regular folks on here, so if a bunch of Blues come, we may have a hard time being civil. WE MUST welcome them with open hearts!
We must agree wherever we can! Ron works with Democrats and so can WE.
I think this particular movement will move us forward in great leAPS! My own experience has shown me that Democrats are usually MORE activist than Republicans, and fight for their beliefs harder. We need them on our side. YEA!!!

I'd agree with that and add...

that anyone who ends up here and stays for a short while is "educated" rather quickly (maybe deprogrammed is a better term). It seems that, even after a life-time of one-way thought, once one breaks through the Matrix and has some inner truth revealed, especially the stuff he may already have suspected, he can never return to the previous thought process or perception...and it can happen quickly.

For instance. If you were unaware that the the FedEx logo contains a right pointing arrow, and I were to hereby inform you of it and you go looking for it and find it....you'll never look at that logo again without seeing the arrow. Cool huh?

I came to find Ron Paul after seeing this video. If you've never seen it and understand the ramifications of what it says, it becomes difficult to see the world in the way that you've learned to believe in via growing up in the USA. But...then again...after rumination of what has come about...it all makes sense...


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

An Appeal To The Left: The Change You Wanted...


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

Wow the comments on this piece are for the most part

actually reasoned and thoughtful, on both sides.

Unfortunately for some of the comments, "abortion rights" seems to be a deal killer.

Such a shame, how their pretense to favor the cause of "peace and justice" stops at safeguarding their right to end a life that grows within them.


When "abortion rights" become an issue...

to support Dr. Paul, I refer them to the 1st chapter in Liberty Defined. They can read it here for free...


and I also want them to understand why Dr. Paul is Pro-life...


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

What an awesome video. Everybody, please take a look at it.

It's a very good tool to explain where RP is coming from on the issue to people who are pro-choice. I have never seen video before of RP himself telling the story he tells in his book.

Post This Article on Facebook

Now I am waiting on my "conservative" friends will react on this.

This same article can also be

This same article can also be found:

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--



LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Think about it from their

Think about it from their perspective.

If Ron Paul was out of the race, but Kucinich was still in it, would you throw your support behind him?

After all, there is complete consensus with conservatives by Kucinich on issues like defense spending, the police state, cronyism, and the war on drugs.

I doubt people would be so quick to join Kucinich. His good qualties can't outweigh his bad ones.

This is the same way Progressives/Liberals view Paul. His good views can't overcome his bad views (to them).

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a