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What Ron Needs To Do To Win

It is my feeling, as a huge Ron Paul supporter, that Ron, despite his principled position not to attack anyone individually, needs to attack Obama and Romney personally. Sure, we principled Libertarians appreciate discussing philosophy, and will debate policy. Ron needs to come out swinging, denouncing these people's policies, and explaining why his policies would be better for the nation. They need to be explained in snippets that are appropriate for the illiterate masses, and the "sound-byte" nature of the main-stream media. Perhaps he doesn't have to attack them personally, but at leas their policies... and they should be named.

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The first thing he needs to go on attack with, is State Rights..

He needs to take both these blabbermouths to task about the fact they don't believe in State Rights, don't believe in common sense solutions to any of your pressing problems. State Rights are completely ignored by these buffoons. Speak clear, direct attacks to show how out of touch he is.

Especially the economy...Romney has no solutions as he created ObamaCare.

The Federal Government cannot fix any of the mess, they created it.
Romney/Obama does not respect State rights who can manage their own economies without federal bureaucrats. Everything down to the currency used can be managed in state.

The law makes it very clear that things like gay marriage are for State Courts and not for federal amendments to ever decide. Anytime Bachmann attacks Romney point out that Bachmann also voted in favor of all the bailouts!

Plus voted in favor of a Federal amendment to the Constitution regarding marriage. No respect for State rights there either. State courts have for three decades been best for handling such questions...nail it home. States first, Fed last.