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US government openly admits arming Mexican drug gangs w/30,000 firearms - but why?


Today's feature story is about how the U.S. government just got caught red handed putting 30,000+ guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.

What does this have to do with health or freedom? Because once you see how the government really operates -- to cause more problems so it can claim there's a "crisis" -- then you have a better idea of how the FDA operates to enact new food safety restrictions (or how the CDC promotes infectious disease to push more vaccines).

It's a stunning (but true) realization: Our own government is actively plotting against peace, freedom and law & order in order to achieve its own nefarious aims of controlling more and more of the entire economy (and your private lives).

Read this absolutely mind-blowing story about so-called "Operation Fast & Furious" which is now openly admitted by the U.S. government:


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the cartels are terrorists.

and the government sponsors them because it enables more power grabs and its very profitable for politicians.

Create a problem, sell a solution...

It's the way our government has operated for decades.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

It's call terrorism.

It's call terrorism.

the only point of note in the entire situation

is that the federal government is run by bureaucrats and are generally fat, coddled, and not at the sharpest.

the end result is brilliant ideas like encouraging strawman buyers, instead of making a few busts, and discouraging strawman buyers.

the "problem", if you want to call it that, is a neighboring country has insane gun laws, an even if the laws were permissive, most of the population can't afford them anyway, but the ones that CAN afford them, find better selection and better prices here in the U.S.

end of that story.

now for the real story. how can this small group of mexicans have enough money to buy guns, not to mention buy off politicians, law enforcement, judges, buy businesses, real estate, vehicles and other resources?

easy. we give it to them.

we give it to them in exchange for very small quantities of pot and coke.

end of the real story.

Not completely accurate

Where did the 30,000+ guns number come from? I watched the recent House Oversight hearing on this matter and I remember the agents saying under 2,000 guns.

Also I read the article linked above and found certain parts to be incorrect. For instance the article said "...ATF agents were specifically told to acquire these weapons using "straw" buyers in the USA, find new buyers in Mexican drug gangs, then sell the weapons and "lose track" of them."

That's not how it went according to the whistle blower special agents who testified. ATF did not buy or sell any guns. The straw buyers purchased these guns from legitimate gun stores while under surveillance of ATF. What ATF did that was a problem is letting these guns walk and not intervening to confiscate the guns that they knew were being trafficked to mexican drug cartels.

It's appalling and this story needs to be spread, but there's no need to exaggerate the facts.

Link to hearing: http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/Sting

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.

Thanks for digging a bit

Thanks for digging a bit deeper.

Based on what you wrote, I'd say the ATF, for once, did the right thing; let people buy guns without interfering. Now, if they could also get around to stop surveiling gun stores and gun buyers; then who knows, perhaps they'll even one day act within the confines of the constitution.

"Drug Cartels in Mexico", or any other bogeymen in some far off country, is exactly no business at all of the US Federal Government. At least until there is very credible evidence said cartels are actually about to launch an honest to goodness invasion. Until then, selling a gun to a "Mexican straw buyer" is simply a private business deal between some guy with a bunch of guns, and another guy with a bunch of dollars.


Possibly an invasion and occupation is in the works?

There are a good supply of natural resources in this God foresaken country.


It's not for an excuse to

It's not for an excuse to invade and occupy, although it would be quite ironic as our country has been and continues to be invaded and occupied by Mexicans.

The reason why Holder did this is for an excuse to crack down on gun shows, gun sales, and guns overall. He was going to use the sale of guns in America to Mexican drug cartels as a reason to attack the 2nd amendment even more than it already is. Fortunately for our citizens who love liberty and unfortunately for the tyrant Holder, he got caught.

Fast and Furious

I've been following Project "Fast and Furious" (aka Project "Gunwalker") since Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea first broke the story around the first of the year (long before the first lamestream press story by Sharyl Attkinson on CBS).

All of the reports I've seen of "walked" guns put the total in the 1500 to 2500 range.

Where does this guy get the number "30,000"? I don't see any source cited. Did he just make it up?

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Does the accuracy really matter?

Does it matter to anyone how many guns were actually provided to the drug cartels in Mexico? Have you forgotten that the US government is responsible for creating the black market for illicit drugs. Millions of peoples lives have been ruined by the so called war on drugs. The DOJ is perpetuating the violence and death by providing weapons to drug lords. They want the violence to continue so they can justify dragging on the drug war... It's absolutely criminal that our tax dollars were secretly used in this manner. It doesn't matter if it was 1 gun or 10,000 wrong is wrong!

I suppose that's true - in a binary world.

But I don't live in a world where 1 = 10,000.

If the actual number was 3,000 and the report was 2500 - that's fine. It's true 2500 were shipped.

But if the actual number was 3,000 and some unscrupulous clown claims it was 30,000, then that would make them WRONG, so even in your binary world, they would be WRONG.

In my world, if they intentionally expressed such a false statement, they would not only be WRONG they would be a LIAR.

Do you really think it's okay to lie to further your goal?

Maybe you meant to visit the Bachmann or Romney web site?

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Sounds like you know what the true number was/is?

How can we ever know if it was 2500 or 30000? Who does the counting? Who can we trust?

Do you know what the real number is? And if not then why do you take such a binary stance?

It seems it was a substantial number and that makes it wrong. Does it make it more wrong if the number is much higher or much lower?

Wrong is wrong I would say and when it comes to the Government we the people must always control our government or they will (continue to) control us.

Well, if you're just going to make up numbers...

...why stop with 30,000?

Why not make it 30 million?

Or 30 billion?

Why not make it a really HUGE number so large that it can only reasonably be represented using scientific notation, a number so big you cannot even SAY it any other way: 3.0E2250240? (Yep 3x (10 to the 225,240 power).

Why not?

Oh yeah. There aren't that many molecules in the known universe - but hey, if you're going to LIE about it, what does it matter? We can lie about the number of molecules in the known universe too!

But why stop there? Why not claim that Obama was born of the virgin Mary? That everything he touches turns to gold? There's no deficit, but even if there were, we can just keep borrowing more money forever. TSA agents are the smartest people in the world and they treat everyone with dignity and never go beyond what minimal security demands. Mitt Romney can be trusted. You are a fluke of the universe, you have no right to be here, and whether you can hear it or not, the universe is laughing behind your back.

Why not lie about EVERYTHING?

A couple thousand firearms is demonstrable using current testimony and records. But tens of thousands is not. Maybe some day it will be - but for now, the best information we have is "a couple thousand". What is wrong is making up a number for which there is no rational basis.

To answer your question: "Does it make it more wrong if the number is much higher or much lower?" The answer is YES! Let us assume that 3,000 is actually the correct number. If you're saying misstating the facts by 27,000 is of no consequence, then the number zero is of the same level of accuracy as 6,000. That is, the government could use your own logic and say, "We never allowed a single gun to go to a Mexican Drug Cartel" and they'd be just as right as you would in claiming they shipped 6,000. So how much lying will you accept? How much lying will you ADVOCATE?

I prefer none. If the actual number is 2519, that's what I want to hear. I'll accept 2500 to 3000. But not some made-up number like zero or 30,000. Or 3.0E2250240.

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I ask again

How do you know what the correct number is?

I ask again...

If you're just going to make up a lie without any attempt whatsoever to get the number right, why stop at 30,000?

The numbers that I've referred to derive from testimony given by whistleblowers.

Where do your numbers come from?

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I don't have a number

and I don't claim to know what the correct number is. How can I know?

I did not write the article and I did not investigate the details my self as I don't have access to the information and the people who might know for sure and I don't know who they are.

You seem to claim you know what the correct number is, I don't.

Accuracy always matters....

Without it, debate is impossible.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

"Of the nearly 30,000

"Of the nearly 30,000 firearms recovered in 2009 and 2010 in Mexico, where gun possession is illegal, some 70 percent were determined to have come from the United States, ATF officials told lawmakers last week."

That's a quote from a Reuters article linked in the NaturalNews article.

So the *real* number is more like 21,000 (says the ATF)

Wow, you can't be serious!

Yes but that has nothing to do with ATF or this operation. That is simply the total number of guns recovered from 2009-10 and 70% came from the U.S. It did not say 70% came from operation fast and furious or the ATF.

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.


Let's say the 30,000 from Natural News is high and the number coming out of the government (they always tell the truth) is perhaps a little low. Let's go for 15,000, that should make people feel better.

Jim Rogers

Best Evidence...

I've been following Gunwalker/GunRunner/Fast-and-Furious since the story was broken by Vanderboegh and Codrea about 6 months ago. That's long before the first mention of it by the lamestream media.

The number of guns involved has always been estimated as between 1500 and 3000, with the most common number being about 2500.

Of course, now there's Operation Castaway and the Tampa division, so the number will be ratcheting up.

But 15,000 is probably a factor of 3 too large. Not that they wouldn't have smuggled that many if they had been able to run the operation(s) longer. And at least it's within an order of magnitude.

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Globalist / Centrist

Washington DC is terrorist head quarters. Globalist / Centrist have been under minding our system for a while. Don't get me wrong we had problems before they came on the scene but not on the level or at the rate that it is going on right now.

Clinton/Bush/Obama: Centrist losers with their hand held out looking for a Government Bail Out Program to keep their Dividend checks propped up with Artificial Stimulus "False Profit. Welfare for stock market Gamblers.

False Flag event for gun control

Could it be that this type of operation is a means to an end that Government is directing which is for more Gun Control.

IF the government can establish that legal guns are being acquired and utilized illegally in vast numbers then they have a good contrived excuse for more gun control laws.

They arm the criminals and then come to the rescue. The psychopaths are in charge.

Gunwalker: Laying it all out.

    1. Don’t kid yourselves. This Obama regime gunwalking business is obviously going on all over the country. Don’t think for a second that it was “just Tampa” in addition to the Mexican border. I would look for more ATF field offices to be revealed as virtual weaponry depots for enemies of the United States. Read more


Testing grounds for martial law



When the government sets the laws, they don't have to follow it. There ain't anybody that's gonna make them abide by the laws now are there?

It was not 30,000 guns

come on folks. I hate what they did as well but we all know it was only 2500.

1 is all it takes

1 is all it takes

This is a good article. But

This is a good article. But I must point out again, it was not the US government that did this. There is no authority in the Constitution for arming criminal gangs in order to justify more "gun control" (civilian disarmament). These were illegal acts perpetrated by public servants that no only violated their oaths to the US Constitution, they committed tens of thousands of felonies, and apparently engaged in a conspiracy that should be prosecuted under the RICO statute.

We are fools if we believe these were the actions of our government. No, these were the actions of a criminal conspiracy committed by public servants, drawing paychecks from the tax payers. It was not the government who's actions resulted in the death of a Border Patrolman, and many others. Our government has no authority to engage in criminal activity. The individuals involved need to be tried in open court, and the guilty punished.

The idea of a few flunkies resigning, and claims of "poor judgement" don't begin to cover the murder of an American law enforcement officer. We are talking about capital murder here, and I think conspiracy to violate the rights of the American people.

what does our government do

what does our government do that is Constitutional? Just because there is no authority does not mean they won't do it. The Government knew exactly what their "employees" were doing.