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Super Sad Subject - Fan dies at Texas Rangers game while son watches

I have to let you know that the video is graphic, and one of the saddest things I have seen. A fan at the Texas Rangers vs. Oakland A's baseball game in Texas died yesterday. Texas outfielder Josh Hamilton tossed a baseball into the stands. This is when the fan fell head first over a railing trying to catch a ball for his little boy. The A's relief pitchers saw the man on the ground and he was heard saying watch my son he is all alone. Shannon Stone was firefighter who drove 3 hours to take his boy to the game.

I think it would be great if we could do something like a money bomb for this child's family. I can only imagine what it was like to see your dad go over the railing head first and to be all alone 3 hours from anyone you know. How tragic!



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Yeah, this is real sad.

Yeah, this is real sad. Father and son at a baseball game and dad tries to catch a game ball for his son. It's the epitome of father-son moments and it was unfortunately ruined and now this poor kid is going to probably have an aversion to baseball as it will likely only trudge up this bad memory. If this kid ever grows up to have kids of his own, he's probably not going to want to do such a father-son thing like a baseball game.

As a father, I also took my son to a baseball game despite the fact I'm not a real fan of baseball. Father and son going to a baseball game together is certainly a tradition and one that helps with bonding.