Thank you Jacksonville!

Check out this video from the Jacksonville, FL Meetup group. Be sure to watch the whole thing. At about 2:40, we start to get the local news coverage.

The anchor starts out, "Who is Ron Paul and why is he blanketing Jacksonville with all these signs? Chances are you've seen them. Actually, we know you have, because phone calls are flooding our newsroom. Everyone wants to know, who is Ron Paul?!"

Excellent work, Jacksonville - you are an inspiration to us all!

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We can only speculate...

"We can only speculate as to why they choose the term revolution."

Through this statement we can surmise that the stations entire news team does not know how to use Google or Wikipedia.


The song is great, but unfortunately the 'new constitution' it refers to is the UN's constitution that would replace the one we have and the 'revolution' it refers to is to change to world government.

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The Ron Paul Revolution

Why not tell WJXT what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about? Their contact email is:

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Great video...

And that song should be our theme song. Haven't heard it in a few years, and when played in context with our movement, it is perfect! Should be the official campaign song... Well, if we didn't have so many great singers song writers authoring things specifically for Ron Paul... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I know . . .

That song does keep popping up, doesn't it? Maybe great movements inspire great music!


This is what it is all about! Amazing how many people they let know about the name with just $300! If all of the meetup groups did this, think of where Ron Paul would be! Great job! A true inspiration!

Really great !

The Jacksonville Ron Paul Meet-Up Group should be really proud of their work, the media attention and this great video.

Really brilliant to use The Who song too, and the editing was great also.

I bet Ron Paul would be delighted to see this. I also think he should give the Jacksonville TV station a visit.

Ron has gone Mainstream ....

Keep up the work. Don't demand his time in any location. He's busy doing what he can do. JUST STAY BUSY DOING WHAT WE CAN DO !!!!!!!!!!!!
Spread the message to those that care to listen and get his name out there to the masses.

And Like Ron Paul likes to say. Have FUN DOING IT!

And do it with Excellence and Virtue!

I love you all and keep up the good work.

(Can anybody guess how much that video would cost for Giulianous to make?)

Where would he have found the people to show themselves making the signs would have been the hard part.

Great Job .....

At this point it's name recognition and exposing people to the message.

Great video and WELL DONE!!!!!

really nice work.

-video looks great.

-signs look great... especially up two or three at a time they have even more impact.

-the media plays into it so much it's kind of funny.

"what is the ron paul revolution???"