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LIVE: from the space shuttle launch!

I'm currently at the space shuttle launch promoting Ron Paul! I'm having a lot of great response!

Also, posting up RP signs all over!

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Put a bumper-sticker on the the shuttle!

That would be too cool.

that would be sweet

A Ron Paul sticker on the side would be SWEET to say the least. Only problem though is if something did go wrong, you know who they would try and blame.

We are a clueless society.

I have never seen a space shuttle launch live but man that must have been a blast!

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LIVE from the space shuttle launch!

rclear, great to hear you are there! beautiful, actually. Of course you are getting a great response. Wish I was there too!


That's the spirit

This coffee is to you patriot!

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Get us a picture if you can!

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I will!

I will!

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I wonder what the mission is.

The only press it's getting is about being the last launch.

Probably holographic image presentation.

the International space station will be complete.
Just in time for 2012.

Thank You rclear!


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