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Ron Paul speech 7/6/11 at Cedar Falls, IA


from the Podcast:
"On Wednesday, Ron Paul visited the Park Place Event Center (aka Pipac Centre) in Cedar Falls, Iowa to speak in front of nearly 200 supporters and other potential voters. The Congressman touted his campaign as the only one that stands in sharp contrast to the status-quo! Dr. Paul laid out the need for sound monetary policy, a pullback from all the nation's military conflicts, and to return to liberty and self-reliance. I searched and searched for the full speech and Q&A- to no avail. Most of the audio is of suboptimal quality, and the 17 minutes amounts to a compilation of audio from three different sources."

If you go to the Podcast, you can see some Video.

"Video compliments of YouTube User: jakenichols, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, and audio via Radio 1650 KCNZ."

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