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Comprehensive Video Collage of all media bias against Ron Paul

I know there are endless snippets on the web, but has anyone ever taken the time to combine all of them into one nice easy-to-swallow, soccer-mom-friendly video. Everything from the subtle slights (e.g., "he's not electable", O'Reilly's "...but he's not gonna win", pretending he's invisible ) to the more egregious, border-line fraudulent stuff (e.g., exclusion from debates, fake focus groups, misleading polls, etc.)? Something that really magnifies their attract-diffuse-deflect approach. Something that sharply exposes their contradictions, like Glenn Beck posturing what an "evil cancer" the federal reserve is, only to turn around and gush over Fed-loving Herman Cain.

Of course this would have to always be a work in progress, since the bias occurs on a daily basis, but does anybody know of such a video exposing the right and left media outlets?

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great compilation... amazing

great compilation... amazing the stupidity Ron had to fight and how far along consistency and truth will get you.

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