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How many people do you personally know are voting for Paul in your primary?

Just curious,I know 24 people that are voting for him here in Arkansas. 18 of them are people I have convinced. The people I have convinced to vote for Paul were people that just vote in the primaries out of habit. They were people that go vote anytime there is something to vote for but they really didn't care all that much who actually won the primary, because of this they were easy to convince.

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I have 3 people put down as going to the caucus via my meetup group.

I am trying to get my friends and family committed to their precinct caucuses also.

The Caucuses are fun. If you show up early you can talk to people and also volunteer to help check people in and stuff. Also they usually let someone speak for each candidate.

Kudos to you, and I

think this is a great question! I will tally up my converts and report back. :)