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Former Tancredo Supporters

I know the republican polls have been all over the place, but the ARG poll showing that Ron jumped from 4 to 10% this week was pretty substantial. Are Tancredo's guys coming our way? IS anybody out there a former Tancredo supporter that switched after he dropped out?

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I agreed with Tom

on his one issue--immigration, but have supported Dr. Paul the whole time due to all of his various issues and positions. What I did notice in the poll is that, if I remember correctly, the undecideds dropped from 11 to 8%. As theorized by others, I think when push comes to shove, the undecided vote will move towards Dr. Paul.

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I still love Tom ~

But I got onboard the Paul Peace Train over three months ago.

Really disappointed he didn't give the doc his endorsement, but I understand his logic in wanting to stop Huckster in Iowa and McCain in Hampsha. Plus, Tom was pro-war.

It also sounded like Romney was going to give him some big fat appointment if he won.

I sent him some money

I did send him some money earlier and a little more later to keep him in the game for a while. I didn't think he could win, but he needed to be heard.
I've sent WAY more to Ron Paul. ;-)

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Me, too!

I'd given him several hundred...just to stay in the game. He did an excellent job keeping immigration in the forefront, and I'm really glad Tom ran.


I don't think Tancredo ever had 6% support.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I see your point, but

I see your point, but consider this- earlier this year, the evangelicals were having a hard time coalescing around Huckabee or Brownback. Both of them were under 3%, but once Brownback stepped out, Huckabee shot through the roof. I'm just wondering if there's a parallel, with immigration being a big issue for a ot of people, and the frontrunners being seen as mostly talk on this issue. Obviously an oversimplification and probably giving too much credibility to the polls, but hey, it made me think.

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