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Speaking of websites...have you checked out Obama's?

h ttp://www.barackobama.com

Tricky, the prominent display is a directive asking "are you in?" with a bar to type in your email and zip code.

in small type underneath you may click through to the next page....

h ttp://www.barackobama.com/get-involved

They have a "we are 'this many' strong" counter. (which I would say is along the same lines as the type of thing we have been asking for the RP campaign website here on the daily paul forums for sometime now, though the OBAMA one is completely public)

All-in-all the Obama website is pretty darn functional. Just thought those that hadn't seen it might like to compare with the competition.

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Top down campaign, no surprise.

Sign up and get tracked on your progress as a supporter. If you're good you might get a chance to meet His Highness.

One BO campaigner wrote:
"I love making phone calls because they come in all different shapes and sizes...When sparks start to fly, I know that I've made a personal connection."

Sparks start to fly and she loves it? Glad I'm on the side where you can get a wave, honk, smile or a light bulb moment instead. And you can actually talk to your candidate if you want to!

They might be more organized, but we have a heck of a lot more fun!


Who go to his Website should have donate an extra 100 to RP's campaign lol


Trust me, I've donated my share. :)

The point of visiting the website is to see how the competition is doing things. Not to support it.


By the way, it is quite easy to post comments on their

threads there. If you are on Twitter (for example) you can immediately start posting. I have been poring over the comments are there are a surprisingly large number of comments critical of the president and the administration. Try it for yourself! Be polite, but state your opinion definitively.

This is the ideal time to reach out and convince dissatisfied and disillusioned Democrats! Make Ron's points in a subtle way, fold in some of the common Democratic talking points and you might just have a whole lot of new RP supporters on your hands.

I clicked the link

and it melted my hard drive....

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It was actually hacked

It was actually hacked recently and the hacker left a message we can all agree on.


i must say

pretty funny.


I think our site is pretty good.

I just wish they would add a highlight to the drop down issues menu. Would love it if other people contacted the site like I did and mentioned this....

I agree, our site is not

bad by any measure. I have made suggestions to them as well referencing this.


DP'ers don't miss the point.

Know the opposition and the tools they implement. Remember that the Obama campaign had a successful grassroots network that helped lead it to victory. Never, never, never, ignore a good idea even if it is being used by the other team. Harness it and do 1 better.

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Thank you for getting the point of the post! :)

It was meant for us to see what the competition is doing. People have to remember not to underestimate the tactics used by the other side to gain supporters. If we know those tactics, we can counter them with better ones.

Not to mention, a lot of our newest support has come from "I voted for Obama in 2008" people.



Obama only won because he was a young half black version of Bush, supported by the PTB, and Americans in general are idiots.

Never underestimate your

Never underestimate your opponent. You'll end up being surprised otherwise.

No, never really cared about Obama or his site

...do they have a section that explains how Obama is a natural born citizen even though his father was not a citizen at the time of Obama's birth?

If that's the best retort to Obama that you can come up with

then write him in for a second term.

There are literally 100 substantive issues with which to crush Obozo, 100 things over which he himself had control and has f$@ked up.

How well did "Aqua Buddha" work for Jack Conway?


Obama doesn't meet the requirements to be President but because you don't think that's important no one will? Well it's a big reason for me other than he's a lying warmonger fascist(but that was well known before he was elected in '08).

I voted for Ron Paul in '08 after extensive research on the candidates...and I will vote for RP in '12 as well so don't put Obama getting elected on me.

Why did you vote for Obama in '08? Let me guess...because he was black and you thought he was different from Bush? Am I right? I have yet to hear any Presidential policy reasons why someone would vote for Obama. Idiots voted for Obama because the tell-lies-vision told them to and many will do the same again.

Just scoping out the

competition, guy.


Yah and I finally went and

Yah and I finally went and his website is dumb. It is slick and professional with no substance just like he is. No issues, no motivation. Just a store and where blind supporters can sign up. He is raising tons of money to pay people off. WHO is counting the votes? Now is the time to investigate their pockets..

I don't disagree,

but some RP supporters were once blind too. I was at one time, not by Obama, but by others...If we only appeal to the ones that thrive on knowledge, we will not win. We have to also dangle the carrots infront of the horses that can't see outside their narrow field of vision.


reedr3v's picture

Thanks for your insights and investigative

work. We absolutely must know the opposition and seek out weaknesses and opportunities.

That doesn't matter any more.

He has broken so many laws that one cannot keep up.
WE rule by popular opinion, the lawless have taken over. It's a type of Democracy. Mojority rules. Vote for your "favorite" candidate, but vote. All the favorites are in the pocket. And the majority loves them.
Then the World says, "How could this happen"? 666:
Redemption draws closer.
And I didn't have to pray for it.
HE told me there would be days like this.

Sometimes people pray for thngs that have already been written on stone. Why do you seek the LIVING amoung the dead?

They make me laugh.
I can't be touched. I'm off limits.
And still it would not matter because I "know" where I am headed. I know in WHO I trust. HE cleared my path.

Me, too. Do they have a

Me, too. Do they have a section that shows how he has kept his campaign promises?

There's a reason why that

There's a reason why that section doesn't exist...

If 10% is good enough for God, why is Uncle Sam asking for 30%+?