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I just wanted to expess my feelings with all sides

People don’t be ruled by lies and the norm that you were once in, we are at a point that is does not matter what side you were on Democrat or Republican and if it take us to walk over to a side just to vote for the only one person in this race to help us, then so be it. It is time that we stop interfering in other countries problems, it is time that we stop sucking on the tit of the Governments programs that are going into default, it is time that our states take control of their own agenda and govern their own laws without the fed interfering, it is time that we make our own choices without the Government telling us, it is time to stand up and make this change, it is time for Ron Paul to help lead us in this direction. It is time, so, stand up and fight for your rights. It is time, it is time, Oh lord it is time to stand up with Ron Paul….It is time!!!

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