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Important! Last chance to get Iowa de*ate tix and support Ron! Call Monday!

We have a chance to really make our presence known! Tix are still available!

Rows 1-10: $75/ea
Rows 11-20: $37.50/ea

These paid tix include attendance to the pre-debate reception.

To purchase, contact Matt at the Iowa GOP. 515.282.8105.

General admission tix are sold out, but these paid tix will still be available on Monday. Mark your calendar to call Monday morning!

(originally posted by Esoteric at RPF)

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Oh no!

That was fast!!! When I called the first day I heard about it, they said to get them this week or early next, but I had to check with some friends and haven't heard back for sure from them yet. I don't know if I can go now if it's going to cost money... :( (Plus, I don't think you can order one for $37.50; I think it's either $75 for one, or $75 for two, at least that's how the GOP guy described it to me.)

Michelle, where are you located in Iowa ?

I'm over in Nebraska and if I decide to go, I highly doubt my husband will go with me and if it is two for $75 I will have an extra. Contact me via dailypaul if you are interested and I will keep you posted if I decide to go.


Thank you, that's really nice of you! I can't figure out how to contact via dailypaul though, even though I feel like I've done it before. I'm waiting to hear back from a friend to see if he wants to spend the money. If not, I will definitely take you up on this offer! (but only if your husband doesn't come, of course) I'll actually be in Ames that day, so it wouldn't be any out of your way. Thanks so much for your generosity!!

Does anyone know

where in Iowa the debate is and also day and time ?

Iowa Republican Party Presidential Debate


8:00 pm

CY Stephens Auditorium
Filing Center/Spin Room: Hilton Coliseum
1700 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa


Thanks !


August 11 at Iowa state U in Ames, Iowa but

I don't know the time. Presumably if you call for tickets they can tell you, though.

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Get those

Tickets !!

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