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Why Ron Paul Is the Only Candidate Proven to Reduce Spending and Support Economic Sanity

I. Introduction

The following arguments have been collected from Ron Paul’s speech to the U.S. House of Representatives in February 7, 2001 (prior to September 11, 2001) which have been accessed through “The Pillars of Prosperity”. These are the same arguments that Congressman Ron Paul defends on the scene of the GOP presidential nomination, proving that he is well-founded in reasonable views and will boldly defend them regardless of party affiliation.
His proposed change is the only true change offered in the field of presidential candidates. His words defend the view of government held by the founders, which if followed brings prosperity. In the following excerpts, he opposes Republicans for the most part; however, today he opposes the Democrats who share many of the same ideals of big government.

II. Problems

A. War/Terrorism
“Influential commercial interests dictate policy of when and where we go. Persian Gulf oil obviously got more attention than genocide in Rwanda.”

“It’s not a coincidence that U.S. territory and U.S. citizens are the most vulnerable in the world to terrorist attacks. Escalation of the war on terrorism and not understanding its cause is a dangerous temptation. “

B. Spending
“Government is literally out of control. Spending, taxes, regulations, monetary inflation, invasion of our privacy, welfarism to both the rich and the poor, military spending, and foreign adventurism around the world will one day precipitate a crisis that will truly test our will to live in a free society.”

C. Economics
“Creating money out of thin air is morally equivalent to counterfeiting. It’s fraud and theft, because it steals purchasing power from the savers and those on fixed incomes. That in itself should compel all nations to prohibit it, as did the authors of our Constitution.”

“This banking system [the Fed], which now serves as the financial arm of Congress, has chosen to pursue massive welfare spending and a foreign policy that has caused us to be at war for much of the 20th century.”

III. Solution
“Its [government’s] proper function in a free society is to protect liberty and provide for a common defense. When that proper role is assumed, our problems will vanish.”

“The philosophy of the free market, sound money, private property ownership, and equal rights, offers the only real “compromise” to the impasse existing in Washington where only token attempts are made to cut the deficit.”

“Money will be honest, the unit precisely defined, and its integrity guaranteed by government or by voluntary contracts. Counterfeiting privileges of the Fed will be abolished and relegated to notorious underground figures. Honest money will allow credit to be freely created in the market and not by the privileged banking cartel, yet controlled by the integrity of the market and the convertibility of the dollar. The economic benefits of low-long-term fixed interest rates will be welcomed by all, since credit can then fuel true long-term economic growth.”

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