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Three Cheers for Default!

If the United States defaults on its debt, that'll be the greatest event for liberty in a really long time. It will mean that the government won't be able to borrow money for decades.

Now, some of you might say it is bad for the government to default. You're dang right it is bad for the government, but it is good for the country!

When the government is able to borrow money, it uses resources that would have otherwise been used by individuals in the private sector. Capital is much more productive when its use is decided by the market than when it is decided by career politicians handing out freebies to get re-elected.

The country is in great danger and it must change course. It's time to cut spending and stop getting into debt, so the debt limit shouldn't be raised. Let's encourage anyone we can to not raise the debt ceiling. If anyone tells you that the government will default, even if you know they're bluffing, tell them to bring it on!

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Be careful...

A debt default could also be used as justification to implement the Davos/G20/IMF plan to create a unified world central bank and world currency as a means to "rescue the world" from "certain calamity".

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The global controllers have deliberately run USA into the ground financially, morally, mentally and physically.

Their job is almost complete.

Then come the world government, the world currency and the world central bank.

So your argument is that an

So your argument is that an engineered collapse of the US is just a precursor for a unified global government and a single monetary system... and further (I think I see where you're taking this) the installation of the Anti-Christ for global leader?

Um... Yeah. Not gonna happen.

What does the antichrist have to do...

with the Davos/G20 plan to implement a global central bank and a global currency? It is very real and in "mainstream" financial journals and all the G20 countries are actively and constantly discussing it and most have tentatively signed off on it. Even China.. if they get a nice fat share of the proposed $100 trillion in new currency.

The Davos/G20 plan is to absorb all current debt into a new basket of currencies with three or four new regional currencies with a fixed exchange rate and revalue with a partial gold/silver backing.

The global financial system is collapsing and it was all brought about by outright fraud that the perpetrators had to have known the danger to the system involved. They've gotten away with it because of brilliance (evil brilliance) not because they are stupid.

And the proposed new system will be run by the SAME PEOPLE that masterminded the original fraud that has brought the whole system down and allowed them to scoop up all the real wealth!

Don't need to bring some religious character into the picture...

ad hominem (Latin: "to the man"), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an attempt to link the truth of a claim to a negative characteristic or belief of the person advocating it.

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I hope you are right

I was just explaining what they are up to (and I don't know about any Anti-Christ??).

The more people know their plans the less likely they are to succeed. Spread the word.

IMO, this is what happens

IMO, this is what happens when systems collapse due to imbalances. Because people got what they demanded in exchange for votes, which is too low a price to pay, the imbalances accelerated. If votes were met immediately with their true cost, instead of shifting those costs off to others or off to payment at some time in the nebulous future, then sound decision making would be the norm.

I agree with that

I am just saying there is more to it.

Stop the Debt-Clock,

it keeps increasing the load of debt with increasing interest %. Many problems will be solved when interest-meter is stopped, - then we/all can sit down to audit, and think ahead. Think about the options, =
1. Default, means breaking promise to rePay, that is breach of trust, dishonesty. There has to been lawful & reasonable cause for default. In this case the debt & obligation stays, it does Not abrogate or wipe-out the debt, only gains time, you still have to pay tomorrow.
2. Print more & pay, this diminishes the value of existing money, i.e. inflation. This is Not liked by savers & lenders, shoppers & traders.
3. Stop the interest-meter. Sounds best, fair & reasonable. The lender gets back what was owned & lent. The borrower is Not burdened with ex'terra load of interest. This option is better than 1 & 2. Equal exchange. Interest is Not sacred, let there be equal exchange.
(3,= no interest) It also removes the incentive, motivation & greed to lend. The greed of banksters to lend leads to many forms of corruption in govts, religions, corps, judiciary, politicians, etc.


Will not let America default in this case.

They have launched their first carrier group, thus starting to project their military and national authority.

Fukuyama already stated along with Kissinger that China will be the next opponent.


China will eat it

They know as well as Yamamoto did that any attempted occupation of North America would be imperial suicide of Afghanistan proportions. There are too many Americans with guns, and we know the home terrain lots better. They may be intent on chasing us out of their prosperity sphere, but they have no realistic designs on our mainland, short of getting our domestic fascist regime to hand it over to them.

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West of 89
a novel of another america


2000 missiles to be aimed at Taiwan



China would go along with it...

IF they were given a handsome share in a new global central bank and global currency scheme. (Davos/G20/IMF plan)

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Good chance

Most likely Taiwan will have to be sacrificed along with South Korea imo.


Default will be the end of free humanity

The day the American government defaults on it's debt will be marked as one of the worst days in history, and will poison the name of America with the world for generations.

If the U.S. openly defaults, European bonds would crash too. While an American default would no doubt benefit China in the long run, they too would experience painful economic friction as well.

This would mean that the money for government services and government jobs would essentially dry up worldwide OVERNIGHT. How do people respond when the gravy train comes to an end?

Look at Greece, or Wisconsin. We would see a leftist revolution on a massive scale, with widespread rioting, and burning of government buildings, everybody screaming for their checks. The population would be radicalized, and the government would then have carte blanche to seize power and suppress the people. It would be like a massive, worldwide communist revolution.

Challenge everything and the path will be clear.


preaching to the choir. Explain it to the liberals and neocons.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

I don't use any of it

I don't use any Federal government services.

They don't send me any checks and never have.

I didn't want any of these wars. I never asked them to make up these fake excuses and run false flags to murder innocent people around the world for the sake of the military industrial complex.

I didn't print up all that money and give it to those foreign banks and multinational corporations that are sucking up all our wealth, exporting all our jobs, poisoning our food and drugging everybody up.

I only worked for a global corporation once ... but I certainly never had anything to do with or authorized giving them any money to keep them profitable or keep my job.

I had nothing to do with the criminal ponzi scheme that prints up fake money to enable their crimes, murder, and destruction of everything that's decent and good in this world.

I had nothing to do with the rape of this nation and all of its prosperity and freedoms.

They did.

So I have no intention of paying for it.


hip hip

hooray! (gulp gulp gulp) (puff, cough) (gulp) hip hip...pass out, That' s how hard ill party on Independence day #2

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere."
Executive Order 2222 signed Your President,

-George Washington

Debt. The empty gift that we keep paying.

Even national debt is known to be created out of thin air, we keep paying.

Just today, the New Times reports another $3.2 Billion goes from large debtor nations to Greece, via the IMF root canal.

Debt ceilings? With all the talk of transparency, will we see it?

Will the debt ceiling keep us dry, as the liquidity rain increases into the Monsoon season?

Empires have rose & set trading debt for debt. US Dollar for Pound Sterling? Portrait art is different; the art of deception is the same.

The Fed: Loaning you blind, since 1913.
The Iris (little sis): Taxing you blind, since 1913.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Yessir... Stop giving the

Yessir... Stop giving the dying crackhead more crack!