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Ron Paul's lead over Obama in Texas omitted from Fox News article


In this article, Juan Williams states that "not one of the candidates vying for the GOP’s 2012 nomination beats President Obama in head-to-head matchups in their home states." According to a Public Policy Polling poll cited by Williams later in the article as he discusses the fact that Obama is leading Rick Perry in Texas, Ron Paul is leading Obama 45% to 40% in Texas.

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Here's mine:

Way to go there, Juan. Ron Paul beats Obama in Texas and you leave him out because it doesn't fit your story line.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I'm putting together a video, that...

if seen by enough people, will have angry mobs running after bankers, politicians and members of the news media. None of them will be safe. I just hope this video gets enough attention, as these people need to be punished, for they are not only traitors, they are immediate threats to the well-being of every person on this planet, even themselves.

When enough people realize

... that we are always being lied to then we will win.

The oldstream media is nothing but a propaganda tool for big government, tyranny and fascism.

That's the first thing one has to accept as fact.

Here is a good place to start for anybody ready to escape the little box they have put us in http://www.dailypaul.com/168937/the-waking-up-manual-how-to-...

We Need to start Emailing them about being unfair and

biased towards candidates who might actually save our country from collapse. It appears they would rather follow the establishment, and have their children and grandchildren grow up in a third world country, without ever knowing what it means to be Free. It's not about left vs right, it's about Freedom vs Tyranny. The status quo, by the use of deceptive ideologies and disingenuous fear, is feeding the tyranny. Only, going back to strick Constitutional principles, can lead our country back, and the clock is ticking.

juan williams is a fox news pundent tool

ive seen him back him hate on him back him hate on him stfu juan!

This annoys me because the

This annoys me because the fact that Ron Paul is the only candidate beating Obama is his/her home state is very good news for him and I think a lot of people would become more interested in RP if they knew this fact.


...and that's exactly why Juan Williams didn't bring up that fact.

its pretty pathetic.

its pretty pathetic.

It's an out and out lie,

It's an out and out lie, tending towards slander.