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Talk Radio

Talk radio is a powerful thing. I've been listening for years like millions of Americans. Since learning of Dr Paul I have tried to get through to ask Rush, Glenn, Sean etc...how can they disagree with someone who stands for what they've always said that they stood for. No such luck. They either ignore him or misrepresent everything he stands for. From Glenn Beck at 9am til Mark Levin signs off at 10pm....it's straight anti-Ron Paul (just listen for yourself)....which brings me to my point:

It seems to me that the Fairness Doctrine might be a good idea right now. In other words...if the talk radio host continue to ignore, misrepresent, and slander Dr. Paul... then perhaps we should throw our weight behind reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. I think that by calling in to talk shows to support the Fairness Doctrine ...we advance our cause in two ways.

1) They will actually put you on the air where you can engage the host on issues
2) They know that if congress were to receive thousands of emails a day...it just might draw attention and be reinstated.

What does everyone think?

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talk radio

They can have who they want on their shows. I'm sure Dr. Paul would agree. I think Rush is too smart to bad mouth Dr. Paul. He always goes back to replay his 'I told you so' moments and as he sees momentum building for Dr. Paul he doesn't want to get caught. That is a good sign.



Rush doesn't even talk about Paul.. What he has said has not been totally negative.. or at least to the degree of the others.

Levin and Hannity have been straight up attacked by Ron Paul supporters and will bump off any mention of Paul mid sentence. (if they can do this twice before breaking for commercial is anyones guess.)

One guy did get through to a guest host of Levin, and mention Dr. No, and the host did not know who that was..

Michael Medved actually interviewed Paul and that went fairly well as Paul got lots of talk time but Michael has attacked Ron Paul almost every day I've heard him. Viscously too calling him the kooky uncle upstairs among other things. Not something typical of charter he try's to portray. Medved will take the dumbest sounding Ron Paul callers so if you do call, sound dumb to the screener.

I really don't know what you can do about this.. Call the program director at the station and see if they have heard of Free Talk Live.. thats the best call you can make. (http://freetalklive.com if you haven't heard of it)

Talk Radio response.

I called The Mark Levin Show and Got Through 3 times --the asked me my Point and I told them I wanted To talk about Ron Paul---click-hung up 3 times. These hosts will only allow people on who agree with them and if You don't they set up an attack and then ask the caller an out of context question like.So you would help Terrorist ? They will have to report the news about Ron Paul's Successes Eventually and they will hate it and I will Smile and Laugh.
Go Ron Paul and You're Revolutionaries!

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.

I got a better idea

Stop listening to neo liberal con talk radio and plug into dailypaul.com

Also there are plenty of Pro Constitution or Pro Paul radio host out there on the net that we need to prop up.

Rush has become to stuck on his imagined greatness to be a worthy advocate of liberty anymore.
Rush is always preening himself when I listen now. Most of those guys are becoming useless for the conservative or revolutionary movement.
I will try to post some pro liberty talk shows I've found on the web for you.

Good idea.....

I know it is important to call Rush, etc in order to get exposure for Dr. No, but I suggest for your own sanity and information that everyone be aware of these networks: