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♠ For all you who believe that, "Glenn Beck is turning around"

have you seen this?

Seeing him and his positions being as such when he was just starting out on TV should speak volumes to any open mind and you just might want to take note of it

A tree can't grow without roots

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Personally I don't know

Personally I don't know what's in his heart - I can't read minds. But just let me say this, I haven't always been awake. Regrettably I voted for GWB, AND McCain, although I voted for RP in the '08 primary. In 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson since Mitt was just another big govt douche. My point is, if I can turn around I believe everyone else can at some point. Do I know if GB has? No, but there is nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic. Additionally, I have heard him talk about loving those that we don't agree with; and here I'm seeing plenty of hate.

Let practice what we preach.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

I didn't state nor mean to

I didn't state nor mean to imply I hate(d) Glenn.. but moreso as to not just believe him, his words or his tears.. especially in the position he was in at the time, I personally concluded him to be a Judas Goat.
If I wasn't on a cell I'd do a dig to see if I could find the video

Must have been a great video

it us unavailable now.

Oh yes, he turns around



Youtube says video is unavailable - anyone else getting that?

ya :/

this post is almost 3 years old.. not sure why cs2excalibur bumped it tbh..

If I remember correctly (which I might not) it was a video of Glenn Beck preparing/practicing his fake cry & tears

Don't you mean,turning a

Don't you mean,turning a profit?

Southern Agrarian

sure, he's turning around

he does so most every day (or whenever the wind changes)

If Bush and Cheney are Bad

If Bush and Cheney are Bad, Glen Beck is Hellhole. You know we all hate the Bush administration, at least they tell you the truth of their intent. Glen Beck on the other hand is a lying son of a you know what. Claims he changed, I never bought it. You can tell if people are genuine and honest or if they are a lying piece of poop. Nothing is more evident of this when Beck went against the Bundy and starts to truant that the Bundy's were wrong cause of "god." Really?

the Alex Jones of TV

A car salesman.
Would mow over Christ if it pleased Israel.

I will never

trust him until he endorses Dr. Paul.

He has!


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” --Albert Camus

and the rest of the

and the rest of the talk(since I was listening that day on the way to work) is him saying that Ron can't win.


bring us something new.

Beck is an extreme Zionist

He always ends his show with some crap about how "I stand by israel".....oh really mr beck...? does that moron really ignore the fact that Israel is under a militaristic government?a very aggressive government which does not give a damn about civil liberties.

Y'all should know this man

well enough by now to know he's up to no good. Where is the common sense around here? He cries on cue like a soap opera diva and people buy it up.

gimme a break

What I think is funny is

by doing what he is doing he is just opening peoples eyes. It might not be everyone that watches his show but it helps to a degree. Ultimately his motives may be bad. Based on his past he is deffinatly a enemy. Some of what he speaks of, is true.

A lot of people don't watch or pay attention to the MSM. I think you need to know your enemy to be able to fight your enemy effectively. Listening to their garbage allows you to be able to discredit easier. You have to know how they control the people with the half truth. So you can finish the awakening when you run into someone who has part of the information but not the whole piece. It is dam near impossible to think of every variable in life or existence because human's don't know it all. For that reason alone the elite will fail in their goals but not after causing a lot of damage.

Ulitmately the Hole in Becks story is how he attaches to certain entities Spooky dude and Isreal(To be fair most people in whatever country aren't usually the bad guys so calling out countries should really mean, the government or entities within the said country that are up to no good), anyways how about just bashing everyone who stands against liberty. There are a lot more scumbags out there. Of course he praises Isreal and hates spooky dude. Again as individuals no one is more special then the other. We are all equal and don't need special rights. Shouldn't be any different on a world wide scale with countries.

I say spare no expense in shinning the light on the crap the elites are up to. No matter where they are from or who they are or what organization it is. We just got to keep on keeping on with the pressure. Just remember our tireless minority is way bigger then there elite minority. The biggest piece of the pie is still asleep. United we stand, divided we fall.

"The more you understand everything, the more you can understand anything."