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UNESCO - Julian Huxley 1946 PDF

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The Social Engineers, Let's See How They Have Done Since

1946? What was promised by Socialism and Humanitarianism and what they have delivered are very different! Look at the public schools, that says it all.

I already found two interesting tidbits in Julian Huxley's manifesto. One is he still used the phrase programme of Eugenics. Amazing to see that written in 1946 after Hitler's Eugenics "Programme".
They never gave up trying to improve the race by killing off certain "mental defectives".
Today the genocide is carried out under a variety of Euphamisms like "choice", climate change, vaccinations, reproductive health services, economic warfare programs conducted against Americans and the whole world. The genocidal Eugenics Programme end goal is in fact to slowly reduce the 95% of hominids who do NOT make the Eugenics cut to poverty and stupidity so they can more easily dispose of us when it is FEMA camp time. (next month, next year?)

So they dumbed us down, sterilized us with sodium fluoride and other poisons, moved us off the land into concentration camps called subdivisions/reservations and systematically reduced us to poverty so they can exterminate us all! What a great success Humanism has been! Cleraly it is just a front for genocide by one species against another. The Master Race still wants to wipe out the other race (human beings) which comprises 95% of hominids on Earth.

The second interesting thing I found was a reference to building things for the future of "Society".
The programme they have been implementing eliminated private property back in 1933 and made the product of the majority of your life's labor into public property. You were never asked if you wanted to leave 97.5 % percent of your life's product to U.S. Government (for the future of Society) were you? That is what the Social Security Trust is. It is a giant Tontine Scheme (see tontine scheme) whereby what you labor to produce is never given to you but us instead withheld and kept in the ces te que trust for the benefit of their future world.
Sadly you have been deemed unworthy of their future world so you were used as an expendable slave to build their future civilization. An expendable booster rocket that will just burn itself out (probably by "working" two jobs until you are 78). Instead of your family inheriting the improvements you made to the family's lands or business, under humanism the central bank counterfeits 97.5% of all currency created (your weekly pay check) and redistributes nearly all of your labor to the corporations if you accept the contract to "work" for their debt slavery scheme. Let's say your share of the steel you produce in one of the collectivized factories we own is 100 tons a year. You are allotted 2.5 tons of the product of your own labor in your weekly ration check. The other 97.5 tons is reinvested in a trust for you by copying your paycheck (steel allotment) 39 times! Of course they didn't tell you that everything from farms to factories is collectively owned did they? No because you Silly Americans couldn't understand the benefits of communism. So they implemented communism through the cetral bank anyway and didn't bother to tell you that 97.5 % of what you make is withheld from you and reinvested in the employee owned corporations.

This is the main purpose of the fractional reserve banking system, to build a gigantic communal property pool for The Master Race's future civilization. We have literally been duped into building infrastructure for a future alien civilization. By alien I mean that they themselves have long ago declared themselves a separate Race of Beings from us, so we need to wake up and see it that way. They sure do see us as a separate inferior Species and thus they act accordingly. It is way past time we have a reckoning about just who will inherit all the 644 trillion in assets we Americans were duped into putting into the ces te que trust. If they kill us, then they will inherit the wealth that several generations of our families created and were dispossesed of by the fractional reserve trust scheme. I think we need to repo The Federal Reserve which Is the heart of this tontine scheme. In a tontine scheme the last surviving member(s) of the trust inherit everything left by the deceased. You named The Master Race as your heirs instead of your own children. The master Race set up the Federal Reserve/social security trust to do exactly that. Get us to slave for generations to build their Future Alien Civilization for them and then kill us off by infertility treatments, vaccines, economic warfare, family destruction, and now the final solution to getting rid of us quickly, War.

They planned to kill us all along. Every last one of The Human Race have been numbered, inventoried, and marked for extinction so that They, The Master Race can inherit the fruits of our labor left to them in the Tontine Scheme without having to share the Planet Earth with (us) a no longer needed pesky human slave race.

Julian left a ton of hints to their true intentions in his manifesto. The useful idiots didn't want to see the Truth hiding in plain sight. I challenge you to look closely and find the seeds of our impending destruction in Julian Huxley's Genocidal Manifesto. 97% of it sounds good, except the "necessary" critical part where they rob us, rape us, and kill us all!

The Oracle

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