The Daily Paul's Ron Paul Book Project

by Michael Nystrom

I got it into my head that Dr. Paul could really use a book about him -- written by us -- to help spread the unbiased word about him during the upcoming campaign.

Since the MSM seems intent on ignoring him and us, we need to exploit the channels that are available to us in such a way that we cannot be ignored. It seems to me that the last bastions of free speech are the internet and books.

The idea for the book is this: We each write a short blurb - anywhere from a few paragraphs to several (up to 10) pages about why we support Ron Paul, from our own, unique, individual perspective. We assemble all of these short 'chapters' by theme into a book. We publish the book, and it becomes a best seller. Others read the book and wonder - "How come I've never heard of this guy?" They pass the book to others who wonder the same thing.

Can you imagine the diversity of views, thoughts and opinions, united in respect for the cause for liberty, freedom, and hope for America that such a book would contain? It would be amazing!!! Part of the reason I want to assemble such a book is that I want to read such a book myself!

So, if you'd like to participate, here are some rough submission guidelines:

I would like to keep this as loose as possible, to reflect the diversity of all the individuals who support Ron Paul. So these are guidelines, only. If you'd like to participate, please send a Word document with:

1. Your full name, or screen name*
2. Your age*
3. Your occupation/vocation*
4. City, State & Country*
5. When and how you first heard of Dr. Paul
6. What political / economic / social / moral issues are most important to you today?
7. What do you see as the biggest danger facing our country today?
8. Why does Ron Paul inspire you / give you hope?
9. What kinds of activities have you undertaken in support of Ron Paul?
10. What kinds of people have you met in your support activities?
11. Has being a part of the Ron Paul campaign changed the way you see the world? If so, how?
12. Has being a part of the campaign altered your view of the mainstream media (MSM)?
13. What do you find is the most pervasive misunderstanding regarding Ron Paul's philosophy of government?
14. Are your friends/family surprised that you're supporting Ron Paul?
15. What is the most important thing that Ron Paul has taught you.

- - - - -

Those are the rough guidelines. Only the first 4 are required. Take the remaining questions as rough guides / points of departure. Write from your heart. Write whatever you want to. If you want to write a poem, that would be fine, too.

I came up with those questions because I'm interested in those answers.

Maybe I'm dreaming. However, like this website, I want this book to be a tool to help more people - people that for whatever reason don't use or trust the internet yet - to wake up and learn about Dr. Paul, not from some mediated corporation, but directly from us!

Like I said, maybe I'm dreaming. But if you'd like to dream with me, please send your chapter of the book to me at:

(string it all together like a regular email address - I just have to write it like that so the spam robots don't flood me with their vile messages.

I will begin my search for publishers directly. I may self publish it. If you are in the publishing industry, or know someone who can help, or has some experience in such matters, please contact me. I promise that profits from this project will go towards supporting the campaign. If I run up against my personal contribution limit, I will find some other way to ensure that the campaign benefits, either buy buying ads or signs or literature to distribute, or whatever.

Submission deadline - October 1, 2007.

If you have any questions or comments, post them below, or contact me directly.

Oh yeah, and the name? The New Revolutionaries keeps running through my mind. That would be us - The New Revolutionaries. The cover will be that amazing mosaic that was the Ames, IA newspaper ad.

Yours in the cause of Liberty,
Michael Nystrom

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Combo Suggestion, if I may

I'm not sure of the timing of getting a book together as far as being effective in getting RP's name out there quickly, as mentioned above, etc. I like the idea of a paper that can be put out bi-weekly or even monthly...

As I read the replies to the book idea the paper suggestion blended with the book idea ---- Someone with desktop publishing skills could set a format down (size, inclusions, constitution on back as suggested, etc., Someone would gather articles (maybe even one's submitted for the book, could be a regular feature of one page with several submissions on how they found Dr. Paul)...put it together (or have various sections divided between several people with the related skills), upload it where it could be accessed by supporters to print and circulate. Using the legal sized paper folded in half gives 4 sides, two sheets makes it 8 pages... and local groups could insert meeting times and local events....

The paper could be set to be put out on the 1st, and 15th of each month for example. Have it posted online where anyone can access it with the intent to make copies, or take it to a copy store and make hundreds or thousands of copies (depending on budget of person or group), then strategically place the paper in their communities, i.e. in cafes, libraries, waiting rooms and so on.

Many people got involved to make the RP signs and put them up everywhere across the country, which definitely got RP name recognition so surely supporters would print and strategically place The Ron Paul Revolution paper in their communities. It would be a great way to introduce Ron Paul, especially to those not online. Anyway that was the idea that came to mind as I read this thread... hope I explained it well enough here.

Global Support

One of the things that I find so moving about Ron Paul and his/our message is that it is taking hold of peoples hearts all over this globe! It would be interesting to read some submissions by them as well!

Just Sharing

What about Judge Napolitano's suggestion?

OK, I don't think he meant it as a book title suggestion, but I think it makes perfect sense:

"One of US"

His intro of Dr. Paul could be reprinted on the top of the back cover, with the final 3 words printed in large type as their own line.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

What an incredible idea

This is a brilliant stroke. In so many ways, it represents everything that Dr. Paul stands for. Thank you so much!!! We will be participating.

cee cee

While Ron Paul's ideals are

While Ron Paul's ideals are of the utmost importance, to me, it the man himself who ultimately inspired me. In my view, his name symbolizes everything about this whole phenomenon. Secondly, since the people are an integral part of the story, I like the title, The Ron Paul Revolution:" Let it not be said that we did nothing." BTW brilliant idea. I want this book already.

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Wow, incredible idea. I like your idea for the title as well.

Watching Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons as a kid, I got a kick out of the fact that every episode had two titles. Perhaps this works too…
The New Revolutionaries; We the People

“no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun” Pink Floyd

Great idea – 30 days – bang!

How does one make a submission? publishes political books, and seeing Alexander Cockburn's articles also appear on, they might be a good place to shop for publishing such a book?

How does one make a submission? publishes political books, and seeing Alexander Cockburn's articles also appear on, they might be a good place to shop for publishing such a book?

Ego Alert!

I hope that Mike gets so many submissions that he can't put them all in the book. However, if that happens, Mike will need to exercise his editorial powers and either shorten our submissions or reject them altogether. This could lead to some bruised egos.

When we make our submissions, we must remember why we are doing it. It is not to see our words in a book, or to satisfy some inner desire for fame.
We write to support the movement - we write to make a difference.

The reason I mention this is because of what's happening in my Meetup group right now. Two people are claiming leadership of the group and this has splintered us and rendered us ineffective. Due to the egocentricity of a few, we have no leadership. I don't want to see that happen to us on a larger scale.

I fully expect my submission to be rejected but I'm still going to write the best article that I can. Yes, the rejection will hurt, but it will not diminish my desire for liberty and the success of Dr. Paul and the movement he started. Nor am I going to get all pissed off at Mike. We must remember that this is, ultimately, Mike's project. When we give our words to him, we must agree that they become his property to do with as he sees fit. He is in charge and he will be making the tough decisions. He may decide to get our input - he may decide to make the decisions on his own - he may include material that we think is crap - he may exclude material that we think is great - it's up to him.

I think that this project is a great idea and worth the risk. Let's all just put our egos aside as we do this and work together for the success of Dr. Paul and the movement - OK?

Re: Ego Alert

In response to shadeclan's concerns about the turmoil within meetup groups. We experienced some of this too and there are several ways to handle it.

One way is to try to bring it to eveyone's attention to what is at stake here and what we're working for and try to put aside those egos (you mentioned that).

Another thing to keep in mind is that all this group organizing is a lot of work so try to get everyone involved doing a little bit so not just the organizer has the burden or just a few people doing a lot. I don't know how you're splitting up tasks but the leader of the Pittsburgh group has a pretty good system for delving out the work. Contact him for more info.

Many times somone will start a meetup group, just to get the ball rolling but then hand the reins to someone else (usually a retired person,. or someone with a lot of time on their hands) because it can be overwhelming. A lot of us a rookies at political campaigning, so all this organizing is new to many of us. In our group, we're just getting to know each other and learning which people have the right skills, connections, personalities, etc. for which function.

We don't want to see meetup groups fail, but I've already heard rumors that some are. Some have had to split up into smaller groups so they can cover more territory, and this is something you might consider if there are divergent views in direction (and it provides a legitimate reason to do so).

One problem we've experienced is the fact that we have a lot of members, but only a small percentage have been active. I've begun to remedy that situation by calling/emailing inactive or new members that haven't shown up much (or at all to this point). Many folks are apprehensive about coming because they don't know what to expect. I've found that this kind of personal outreaching helps a lot to keep members involved.

Also, I want everyone reading this to consider this factor. There is the possibility that "members" of your group (even in the highest position(s); what better place?) could be planted saboteurs. We all know what we're up against here, and this is a big technique of the "divide and conquer" paradigm. Don't dismiss this possibility just because we're generally a suspicious bunch (due to the unfair treatment of Dr. Paul in the media), Contact me at if you want to discuss this topic further.

The Constitutional Review

There are so many people not connected to the internet and have no clue who Ron Paul is or his message. We could reach them with a newspaper that would be given or sold. I think people would take a newspaper and read it. We have to connect with the ordinary citizens. Similar to those little newspapers in stores that you can take one for free or buy. Maybe the paper could come out every two weeks. We would need a distributor or a system to get them out to people. Advertising could off set the costs, maybe it could be sent through the mail. I would subscribe to this paper even after the election. The paper needs to discuss the economy, government, foreign affairs all the issues Dr. Paul has been educating and uniting us. Our common cause preserving the Republic and the Constitution are imperative to our futures and fortunes. Maybe this is the birth of a new party and Dr. Paul's message the platform. I realize a newspaper seems so old fashioned but the main stream media has forced us to this. We need to think long term our struggle does not end with an election.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

RP's F.R.E.E. Foundation

I receive 'Ron Paul's Freedom Report--A Publication of the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education'. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public foundation founded by Congressman Paul. It is only monthly but it has his picture on the front page and any and all exposure is good. They can reach more people with more tax-exempt donations. Contact information is: F.R.E.E., Inc., P.O.Box 1776, Lake Jackson, Texas 77566, or call 979-265-3034.
Even though it is not a campaign tool, it does get the message out.


Newpaper Title

I really like the idea of a bi-weekly newspaper. I would love to contribute editorials or add humorous tidbits. Everyone loves tidbits. In many publications tidbits are all that people actually read as they skim the paper or magazine. Mmm, tidbits.

I think it could be called "The Future is Now." That is if it will continue to be printed after the campaign is over. People often wonder what life will be like 20, 50, 100 years from now in this country and the rest of the world. Why not spread the idea that we don't have to wait to improve our country. We can do it now.

About the book, or newpaper, or magazine, whatever it is, could it be called The Ron Paul Revolution? Is it documenting the groundswell of support for Dr. Paul's campaign and the message he is spreading, the message that is vital to saving our republic? If it is, there is not other title that makes any sense. I know the phrase was created by someone not affilitaed with the official campaign, but I don't think they have exclusivity to it, or if they did, they would probably sign off on it. After all, the goal is to spread the message and even the MSM recognizes the movement as the Ron Paul Revolution.

Great Idea!

This is a wonderful idea! Thanks, Michael.

Please consider that the book-printing process usually needs a 6-week (or more) lead time; this long lead time can sometimes be overcome with lots of $$$ (especially for political books with deadlines that fall in the fourth quarter, absolutely the busiest quarter for book printers.)

How many copies will you pay to have printed?

And then, there's distribution. Book printers usually ship by the carton (certain number of books per carton, depending on the size of the book) to one address; multiple shipping addresses (to facilitate distribution) would cost more. And, how do you decide how many cartons to send to each shipping address? Will you ship to one address, break down the cartons and re-pack them for other shipping addresses? During the holidays? With holiday shipping times impacting everything?

And, we still need time for people to actually receive and then read the book!

I agree with the person who suggested an electronic book; at this late date, that might be the best route to take.

I look forward to the final result!

BTW, I like your suggested title.

Check out is excellent for publishing books as they print them as ordered... Also they can get them listed on amazon and into the major bookstores databases so they can be ordered from anywhere.

Books as a fundraiser

Some people say that John McCain's and others, books are published as a legal way around campaign finance laws. Maybe Ron Paul should take a page out of their playbook and write the first part of the book himself and publish it. Someone should at least look at the legalities of it. I know I'd buy a bunch for distribution. Two birds with one stone works for me.

Washington doesn't need more lawyers.
It needs a doctor!
Dr. Ron Paul *** RX for Freedom

Good idea

If Dr. Paul is going to write the forward, then he needs to read the book first. Very important.

Michael - if you're reading this. I think Cafe Press does publishing.

Michael Nystrom's picture - Yes, I'm reading this

And I realized I've bitten off something big! I'm a little nervous about it, really. But where there is a will, there is a way.

Thanks for the tip on, above. I know of them, and I was also considering a company called iUniverse, which does the same kind of thing. They publish & print on demand, the books can be sold through Amazon & B&N, and after a certain number of sales, they'll push the books into the big box stores...

I've seen books published on iUniverse, and the quality seems fine. If anyone has any experience with this company, please contact me!

Thank you!

Revolutionary book project

I think the book should promote Ron Paul, but also, and more importantly, the "Constitution", for which he firmly stands beside. So It would be nice to include Ron Paul's interpretation of the Constitution, since most of the time all we get is the watered down version from a corrupt media. It is time to use the most powerful weapon we have; the pen which is stronger than the sword!


...reprint the Constitution as an Appendix in the book.

I seriously doubt anybody owns a copyright to the Constitution. LOL

wonderful idea

I'll get to work


I am working on my contribution right after I write this!

As for a tilte, how about: "Ron Paul and the New Revolutionaries" (or, Revolution - singular) How the Ron Paul Message of Liberty took back American politics

Keep the ideas coming!

Until the Election is Won!


Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

Legal and Timing Issues

I like the idea of publishing it online. I think most book publishers have a lead-time of several months, even years. Online, you don't have that problem.

Also, you'll need permission from all the submitters to use their material. As soon as you can, find out what the language of the release should be, so you don't have to track everybody down later.

I'm not convinced that people who don't know who he is will know about the book, and I'm not sure putting our energy into reaching the converted is the best use of our time right now.

However, it would be great to have this movement documented, because, win or win, the battle for Freedom will continue after the primary and the election.

Good luck.


What do you think?

IMissLiberty is right. Free lawyer needed.

Someone -- preferably a lawyer -- needs to help us here with a release that's nice and comprehensive, so that all the needed publishing rights go to the book project itself to avert possible future bogus legal attacks if someone, somewhere, smells black ink.

Great Idea

A wonderful idea - it will really help things. I'll bet even Dr. Paul will want a copy!

Mike, check your email - I may have a publisher for you!

You better believe, I'll be contributing! Hopefully, I won't be too wordy! :-)

Book Concept - Neat ! Title?

Wonderful idea, Michael.
Ample time to title: would be inclined to leave Dr. Know's name out of it for broadest appeal to whet curiousity.
What of "America's 2nd Revolution" with of course the ingenious evol highlighted?
A subtitle may be necessary in several instances...

Great idea! Title idea "Ron Paul: A friend of the Founders"

I had the same thoughts when I was in the airport this past week, but my format was a little different. Chapters would include specific issues (i.e. The War, Education, Health Care, etc.).

- The Chapter Headings would include 2 things: comments from the Founders on the specific subject and the section from the Constitution that deals with the issue or Amendment 10 that dictates that a specific issue is the responsibility of the people or the states.

- The end of each chapter should include testimonials of people that found Ron Paul because of his stance on the specific issue.

- The last section of the book could be a compilation of testimonials.

- Finally, the book should also include a DVD with quick references on the Chapter headings.

Just my thouhts!!
Yours in Health and Freedom

Yours in Health and Freedom

Title Suggestion

I like the idea, and I would be willing to contribute.

Since "the new revolutionaries" is taken, How about "The Sons and Daughters of Liberty'

Already taken

google "the new revolutionaries" its already taken. I like Ron Paul Country. Or even Where's Ron Paul. He is in us. Everyone who contributes to this book is apart of Ron Paul and his dream of America and how it should be.
I also like the idea of “Ron Paul Continued”. A book with no end. Imagine we continue to add to the book. Regardless of what the political front has in mind we will continue the fight to become a nation by the people and for the people.

My two cents.

I searched on amazon and

I searched on amazon and didn't see any books called the new revolutionaries. Even if it was already taken, we can use it ourselves anyway. Ours will be the one people hear about.
If that's the title we choose, that is.

As for publishing it "online," I don't think that's a good idea. Then it's not really a book, just a website or a computer file. A physical book just carries a lot more weight (literally and figuratively). It will be evident to people that we worked on this, there was a coordinated, deliberate effort behind it, and people will take that more seriously.

You think it could actually get published before December?


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here
Volunteer for Phone from Home here

Great idea. I'm

Great idea. I'm there.

Superb idea!

I just have two suggestions:

1. Try to get photos, if possible. It would make the people seem much more real and believable.

2. A very simple website allowing people to submit their stories online and allowing others to read them without needing to wait for the book. Maybe some kind of voting of which ones to include.

Best of luck.

Great Idea, God speed

Lets submit quickly. It is important that we get this book published in time to circulate before the February primaries.

I'm going to submit a response.

Great Idea

I started working on a book myself, sort of a biography of Paul to try and get his message and name out there before 2008.
I entitled it "Champion of the Constitution, A Man For and Before His Times".
Sort of my dream.
I will try and particpate for your book project.

Cool idea

I bet you will get plenty of responses.

I think you might want to request a photo from each writer also. Makes it more real for the reader to put a face with the article.

Sounds like fun.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I hope you write something

Zen - I hope to hear your story.

Great Idea.

I will start working on an Article .

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