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a vote for Golden Bear is a vote for Dr. Paul!!

hi friends,
just a reminder to vote for Golden Bear to play the Austin City Limits Music Festival. the contest ends friday, and you can vote once a day. it only takes a few seconds, and should Golden Bear win, we will be wearing Ron Paul shirts, plaster our equipment with Ron Paul stickers, and have friends passing out Ron Paul literature and stickers to a crowd of about 75,000 people. i know what a force we (Ron Paul supporters) are on the internet, so please help us as we try to win this contest and in turn advertise to a mass audience for Dr. Paul!!
Thank you!

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done and done

I cast my vote, would have anyway to help RP, but the music is fantastic too. The site allows for one vote PER DAY.
So come on everyone, cast your vote now.

Current standings:
1. nelo music 4279 votes
2. Quiet Company 4124 votes
3. Homer Hiccolm &... 3795 votes
4. The Frontier... 3288 votes
5. Blue Flashing Light 3103 votes
6. Golden Bear 2879 votes

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Vote for Golden Bear so they

Vote for Golden Bear so they can spread the message of Ron Paul Revolution.