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Ron Paul's First Ad of the 2012 Campaign!

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I am through Compromising...


Raw Story

Raw Story has picked this up now as well.

This ad aired last night at

This ad aired last night at about 9 PM on my local Fox channel here in Iowa. I was reading at the time but, my head jerked up as soon as the I heard the ad start to play. This was the first time I saw it on the tube, but then I don't watch much TV.

The ad aired again this morning on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, perfectly timed just before the discussion on the debt ceiling debate.

This is just an excellent ad in so many ways.


says that the daily Paul has only contributed 684 views of this video... True or Untrue?


i watch this i wanna tear up such a great video : )

Balanced Budget?

I posted this in its own thread, but it applies to this video, and it is important.

The new campaign video for Ron Paul is great, but I do have one problem with it.

Rand seems obsessed with a balanced budget amendment - he talks about it all the time. But it was actually quite rare for his father to mention it. Now, in the new video, not only is it listed at the end as a goal, but the video was produced by "Balanced Budget Productions." (Which I'm sure is just a made-up name to give it the movie trailer feel.)

I thought Ron knew better than that and was why he would rarely even mention it. It may be a tactic to get more "Republicans" on board, because they are convinced by that sort of nonsense, but it still concerns me.

A balanced budget amendment is unnecessary and dangerous for the following reasons.

1 The issue is not whether the budget is balanced, but whether it is constitutional.

2 A balanced budget will simply mean they raise taxes/print money to offset unconstitutional expenditures. It nowhere addresses the issue of the limitations the Founders placed on the federal government. Nor does it address fiat money, the Fed or the IRS. It will give the President powers he does not have now, and probably the same for Congress. It will also blur the separation of powers the Founders wisely gave us.

3 The Congress and the President constantly ignore the limits of the Constitution. What makes you think that if there is a balanced budget amendment that all of a sudden they will honor their oath to the Constitution? If they were doing that now, an amendment wouldn't be necessary. The problem is with the character of the President and the members of Congress – not the document.

4 Public Law 95-435, which was signed into law by Jimmy Carter, requires a balanced budget. In other words, it is already Federal Law that the federal budget be balanced – we do not need an amendment to the Constitution. It has been on the books for years. This is just another example of the crooks in Washington simply ignoring the law. Again, the issue is the character and integrity of our "Dear leader, (insert name here)" and the bums that supposedly represent us in Washington.

5 A balanced budget amendment could take many years, if not decades, before it was ratified by the states. In the meantime, the economy will have collapsed.

6 While I consider the Constitution to be a dead letter, it still is technically the law of the land. The real danger of a balanced budget amendment is the clamor to get it via a Constitutional Convention. If that happens, there is no way to limit the purpose of the Convention to a balanced budget amendment, and we will finally lose the Constitution once and for all. It's how we got our Constitution in the first place – the Founders tossed out the Articles of Confederation.

Again, I know our "leaders" in Washington, who Tom Woods referred to as "interchangeable nobodies, and liars, and thieves and killers" already ignore the Constitution, but they would love to have an opportunity to toss it into the trash as a quaint, antiquated document and finally be done with it in their quest for totalitarianism. Hopefully, through a Ron Paul presidency, and the election of a few decent Congressman and eventually several decent Senators, we can restore allegiance to the Constitution and actually have politicians, if not statesmen, that honor their oath of office. That will not happen by way of a balanced budget amendment.

A Ron Paul presidency will go a long way in achieving that goal, but I remain convinced that it is much more likely that we will achieve it via the nullification approach rather than by trying to change the make-up of Congress. In either case, the bottom line is that it bears repeating that a balanced budget amendment is unnecessary, a diversion from the truly critical issues, and very dangerous.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul


Well done...we must always tell the American People the Truth!

Action For Justice ( AXJ ® ) is the fastest growing civil and political rights organization in the world.

Medicare will go bankrupt.

We are all going to have to opt out of it anyway, it just depends on how we transition.


Some will choose further slavery and join a world government....the rest better know how to use metal coins.



Evil always stutters when exposed by the truth..The truth is on

our side. Bernanke and Obama are doomed..

Believe in the 2nd Great American Revolution...it is here..just believe in it..

I'm laughing at death...death uses fear AS A TACTIC...we do not fear FEAR, now or tomorrow..

We are all going to die someday, right. Might as well die for a great cause...LIBERTY..


What Zbig Brzezinski told a group of globalists...

"When the American People wake up and realize what the Federal
Government has done to them; I would not want to be the President,
I would not want to be in the House of Representatives, I would not
want to be a Judge on the Bench, or even in Law Enforcement, not
even a local dog catcher, because they will be hunted down like
dogs and given a fair trial, and taken out on the Capital Steps and
hung." [end quote]


what is the source of this quote?

What is source of the the following quote?

"When the American People wake up and realize what the Federal
Government has done to them; I would not want to be the President,
I would not want to be in the House of Representatives, I would not
want to be a Judge on the Bench, or even in Law Enforcement, not
even a local dog catcher, because they will be hunted down like
dogs and given a fair trial, and taken out on the Capital Steps and
hung." [end quote]

Answer : Google

Ron Paul still way ahead of Miss Sarah in google searches

Ron Paul About 80,400,000 results (0.07 seconds)

Sarah Palin About 68,900,000 results (0.11 seconds)

Barack Obama About 250,000,000 results (0.08 seconds)

Obama must see he can beat Paul in a landslide.....

So why does he stutter so much every time Ron Paul comes up during one of his canned speeches?

Focus this ad on Iowa

The straw poll is on August 13th, about a month away. I think the campaign should really focus all the attention on Iowa for right now. It's great to see the ad is also running in NH and will be in Nevada soon, but it may be a little too soon for those areas.

CNN link confirms New Ron

CNN link confirms New Ron Paul Ad will expand to cover Nevada as well. Must read article! Ron Paul did very well in Nevada during the 08' primaries. This is MONEY BOMB money well spent!



Can't post

There were some negative responses on the comments of this peice. I sent a thoughtfull response, then CNN wouldn't post it. CNN says at the bottom the responses are not monitored, but then you send a response and you see they are. And it won't post. Smells funny to me. I wrote - What are you guys talking about? We are 14 TRILLION dollars in debt. If we don't stand on principles and stop the madness, we won't have an economy to save. This county was not built on socialist principles, we were built on freedom and a limited government. Ron Paul is the only member of congress that I have seen call out the housing collapse 5 years before it happened, and he said it with conviction and certainty. If we study how other superpowers have fallen we will see we are following there path. Please change my mind by giving me reasons why we should raise the debt limit AGAIN. And Indy said he is putting the people last. He has under my eye always put the people first, not caring a damn about what his party thinks about him. If you have any real reasons why I'm wrong, i'd love to debate them. Thanks.

What do you suppose the steel stairways represent

in the frame that reads "14 trillion in debt" from this ad? To me they resembled a prison cell block, as if to imply that's where those who ran up this debt belong.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

A nightmarish vision of the halls of Congress...

...from which all the debt cometh...

Prison cell block

I saw it as...

We are prisoners of our government's debt!



That's what I guessed. Debt is Bondage!


HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! This is Powerful.

I'll say it again ... this ad

I'll say it again ... this ad needs to run in Iowa until the tubes melt in all the old TV sets. TO AMES! BRING IT!

URGENT MESSAGE: to ron paul fans everywhere

In these final months of campaign we have to spread freedom more than ever and we have to work as one so please join me on Twitter justinr93 and if u have Google+ or would like to have it email me at justinr93@gmail.com
We need to spread a new virus...a virus for freedom!!! Repost this in as many comments as you can let's show them we're not just sheep!

“When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.”
― Ron Paul

um, "final months?"

We're just getting started.

And why did you cross post this to (at least) two forums? Just start your own thread.

This was completely awesome

This was completely awesome and original. However, I don't think it told people enough about him. There is soooooo much great stuff about Dr. Paul and there could have been more said. But this is the most original presidential campaign video I've ever seen. Everything else is so cliche.


You're right

The problem is it takes at least an hour to even scratch the surface features underlying the good Dr.

I cut ads and 30 or 60 seconds only allows an emotional or extremely simple message to break through. There's no possibility for an intellectual treatise. Whoever he chose to make this ad understood that.

It's a great ad and was released specifically for the circumstances present.

Cognitive dissonance makes people think about what they saw.

I just watched it again

Just to get chills.



I know that anti-paul people are mostly elitists and big bankers BUT are ALL OF THEM anti-paul?