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Paul's New Campaign Ad Going Viral

Glad to see the video up on many news sites and blogs.

Still hunting each site to see how well that ad is being posted and spread. Will update for a while.

Sites with Vid Posted: Lots of places to comment here (hint)



















http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/17144... (This link on Drudge Report Top on right)













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Thanks everybody, and you're welcome.

Just wanted to condense the replies to everyone into one. I read them all.

(and added a couple more links, Lol)

May keep adding until tomorrow night.

I'm finding it interesting to see this thing propagate across the web and where it winds up.

Plus that, it tells us places to go comment as well.

When you click onto the video it says 13,400 views but if

you do a youtube search it says over 22,000 views! For that to be in front means its had alot of views!



It was being broadcast across

It was being broadcast across the TV's in the lobby of my office as a news headline.

Great work Big Mike

Keep up the great work, simply an amazing job, thank you for your efforts!!!!!

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


for putting all those sites together!

The ad man, Jon Downs,

does not appear to be an ideolog. If he is, he hasn't let it get in the way of his work. You can see some examples here:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Unfortunately for us, we need these moments more often

than our opponents. We must stay in the news cycle, stay fresh almost daily to build our momentum and get any coverage. Folks like Romney are rewarded for having a pulse. I think we are certainly up for the challenge though. Huge props to our campaign staff for insight on this excellently orchestrated Debt Ceiling campaign.

Its a campaign within a campaign. It will get promoted by those who even oppose Paul because they care about the rising debt obligation. Superb!

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Guys! This is bad.

They are diluting the video. They are making more accounts and copying the video so that the views won't be on the main video. Its a dirty tactic employed by weak MSM computer jockey's.

"'They' are making more

"'They' are making more accounts and copying the video so that the views won't be on the main video."


When you put your hands on your head, do you feel tin foil?

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Minds need to be touched.

The faith and reassurance of numbers are simply a psychological metric convenient for a soap box but also conveniently ignored.
Think of polls and how irrelevant they've become as an actual measure of the pulse during sea-changing and unexpected events.
Predicting the weather is often easier.

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not "they"! I hate "them"!

always copying ideas, making them spread...

This wasn't made for YouTube view counts. I think it was made for that other thing...the televisionmotron.

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they better not hear you talking like that

You know what they are capable of.

It's really exciting to see

all the positive comments posted after the clip on all the websites. After all the Tea Party clamor, and stern talking Republicans, we're all sitting by watching them cave in, yet again, on this debt crisis issue. Ron Paul doesn't cave in! He's the ONLY guy out there that has any true convictions of anyting, not just the Constitution. This distinction is playing right into his political hands. If it weren't for all the shady corporate controlled media and thier money, and union democrat support, I think main street America would push Ron Paul to a huge victory. He's starting to sink in on people. Hooray.

alan laney

those that have doubts I say

the evil machine can be defeated.

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Update bump

Still finding videos of the ad. The list is growing.

I'll keep updating for a while today.

This is awesome. This ad is getting some mileage already.



What a great post!

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Thanks guys,

added it and jester2069's huffpo link too.

The Huff

Hufftington has jumped on the bandwagon.


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When I saw "Citizen Journalists" WANTED sign up at huffpo

this morning, I KNEW that the age of nyt/ wsj dinosaurs, serving decrepit ailing old masters, has ended.

We have a wealth of young, bright, analytical, vigorous TRUTH-seekers among us in the liberty movement. They, the new breed of citizen journalists, will rise through huffpo and other new outlets to establish themselves as uncompromising spokespersons of the movement.

(We truly had enough of smooth-talking ivy-leagued sycophant-lawyers like obms, j yoos & h kohs. We want SIMPLE clear thinkers like Dr. Ron Paul with principled integrity to grow up in this time of rEVOLution.)


Isn't it seemingly magical how a free thinking population can spontaneously and peacefully overturn even hopelessly entrenched paradigms? It just takes a while.

It's like the orderly chaos phenomenon of driving and automobile traffic on a hugely grand scale.

I Posted the Link To It Last Night Here on DP

Look it up by my screen name. I'm writing my piece right now. I will submit by this weekend.

Mike you rock brother!


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Gosh, bigmikedude, traffic-copping at DP was not enough

of a task for you!!! What a nice collection of websites to practice our newly found calling of "citizen journalism".

Many thanks:-)

Google seach resulted

641 related articles!

Mitt Romney - About 4,090,000 results (0.09 seconds)

Michele Bachmann - About 17,700,000 results (0.10 seconds)

Ron Paul - About 82,400,000 results (0.16 seconds)

Ron Paul 2012!

It's on the CNN ticker


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I saw it there too

But I didn't see the actual video posted. Some only have links to it. (which is good)

I was going to list sites that just had articles about it as well, but there are a lot.

We have a long road

We have a long road ahead of us but bad news is good news for us. It is the only way we are going to see the people wake up and realize HE is their only chance and choice.


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Makes Me Smile

Glad to see Dr. Paul's message getting out

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