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Possible Campaign Ads? Suggestions from Tom Woods

NYT Best-selling author and nationally recognized speaker, Tom Woods has given some thought to the best way to communicate who Ron is and what he stands for and, hence, spend the donors' contributions wisely. Here are three:


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T-Shirt Idea

The Constitution
Be Kind- Rewind
Vote Ron Paul

Campaign ad

Tired of dishonest politicians lying to you? they say there going to do one thing and end up doing another. Like Bringing our troops home from foreign wars? (lie!)-(stamped across the screen in red) creating jobs and stabilizing the economy? (another lie!) paying down the debt and balancing the budget? (more lies!). Well You don't have to take this anymore there is one statesman in Washington that stands by the people with his flawless voting record to preserve the constitution. No more endless wars we can't afford. balance the budget. Remove the chains placed on the free market by cutting taxes and regulations. Ron Paul restoring A free America!

Well said Tom!

"Standing alone." One candidate has stood up to Congress more than all other congressmen put together. Ron Paul, who stands up for freedom and the Constitution even if it means standing alone. He has proven he deserves our respect, and our trust.

- Congress announcing the passing of an law

exemple :
Vote approved about increasing funds
to the operations in Libya

Dramatic Scene :

Ron Paul standing alone when the announcement
is made

Twenty-Minute Infomercials on the Federal Reserve, spaced apart.

Spaced apart throughout the day.

Ron Paul should speak each point on the Federal Reserve cleanly and plainly with Douglas Wead making sure the speech sounds absolutely crisp and final.

Get the point out in the open with this key question?

"What should the role of government ought to be?"

The Federal Reserve printing money all the time, leads to the price inflation you see in your supermarkets. It leads to the inflated price at the gas pump that is hurting Americans. It is done through a bad policy, of taxing everyone in order to prop up rich Wall Street insiders who are not even taking responsibility for this mess.

Likewise, I have said for thirty years that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. We got military bases in over 30 countries, mostly because the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air and makes us bankrupt. If we honestly needed to be police of the world, take care of everyone's energy companies because we cannot manage ourselves, or pass all these regulations like the Patriot Act and TSA act...then I could see why we would want a Federal Reserve!


If all we want is just to be left alone, let States manage their own budgets and use minimal government to run it...then I see why we do not need any Federal Reserve. We have always prospered during free markets since business owners know the economy better than any of us in congress.

As President I will reign this in, stop the spending and cut out the needless bureaucracy. After all, what should the role of government ought to be for YOU?

I think a short tutorial ad

I think a short tutorial ad would be appropriate. Despite the progress of the liberty movement, most people do not understand the federal reserve and what it really is and does. So it goes like this. I'm Ron Paul. You've heard me talk a lot about the fed and then bam, Dr. Paul scares hell out of them with the cold hard facts of the fed and its policies. Dr. Paul is wonkish as hell, so he should use it to his advantage. Ross Perot made tremendous headway with his explanation of the national debt. I know Dr. Paul can't afford a 30 minute spot, but an awful lot can be said in 45- 60 seconds if its well thought out.

Campaign ppl

I hope they read this. These are great suggestions. Greaaaaat!

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

(#2) i wonder if there are

(#2) i wonder if there are records going all the way back of how much Ron Paul returned to the treasury out of his office budget. if the records exist (which you'd think they do) you could add up the total and say "Ron Paul helps cut government waste in his own office. He has returned $x,xxx,xxx in his career to the treasury from his office budgets to pay down the debt."

(#3) I think a good one would be to get video of RP in his presidential run in '88 and his run in 08 and videos to date from 2012 campaign and highlight the consistency of his arguments over 25 years, and also show how he was prescient in 88, warning about the imminent trouble in 08, and now analyzing the situation and offering solutions in '11.


Working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellect

#3 For Sure...

Scene: A gypsy looking into a crystal ball moving her hands around it... smash... door breaks down superhero action style... on the other side is Dr. Paul with arms folded leaning back... He grins at her as she cowers down in fear... the camera pans and zooms quickly for a Dr. Paul headshot as he stares into the camera and says..."I'm the only one that has the balls to foresee the future!"

I'm Ron Paul candidate for President and I approve this Ass kicking!

Viva La Whatta Wonderful Imagination Revolution!

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

ROFL!!!!! Someone's gotta do

ROFL!!!!! Someone's gotta do that one..hahHAHAHAAH..still laughing..

Tom woods is the man, He

Tom woods is the man, He obliderates statist's in debates. In turn teaching and provide Ammo for people like us to be able to drop truth bombs.

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Well said!!



The beauty of this

is that we can copy and paste TW's text into the comment sections of related articles. No money, no production crew, no effort other than moving your mouse.

People (like me) who may not be able to write as well as TW, can take his written messages and use them as "mini commercials" all over the internet.

Never underestimate the power of cut and paste.

Here is a list of Iowa news websites, that these would be extremely useful for.

If they turn into actual TV commercials then GREAT. Until then, use what you have.

#3 & #4 would be HUGE!

I didn't see #1, and #2 was ok.

But #3 and #4 would be AWESOME ads! I do agree with other comments, though, that these need to be on-par with the ads now being done by the campaign.

Think and go "BIG!"

#1 is the ad that was just introduced.

There are several links here...

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


They can't be crappy quality, because we need to keep this "new, different, not political" thing we have going for us! Builds trust, and just the simple fact that it is new and different will hop people onto the bandwagon, and once they're on it, the are here forever! :)


These def. need to be done!

These def. need to be done! The youtube channel RonPaulClassics will come in handy. All the tech savvy amongst us need to work together and try to implement these ideas, it will def. be propitious.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

If You're Going the "Ron Paul Was Right" Route

then you absolutely have to throw in what he said about the housing market circa about 2003 in committee. You should also throw in the unbelievably prophetic things he said about Osama bin Laden in '97-'98. I'm paraphrasing, but it was something to the effect of "the CIA should stop funding him because he's expressed an interest in hijacking planes and flying them into the world trade center". Yeah, that one is on YouTube. Or when he stood up to his President in Congress in '01 and said we had no evidence that Iraq had WMD's, al qaeda, or had anything to do with 9/11. What about what he said (I think it was in the '07 debates) about "why are we sending all these troops to Afghanistan when we should send smaller forces into Packistan, where he probably is". How about his warnings about how poorly the TARP money would be spent and how money would be wasted on the bank bailouts. Or how he made the very unpopular comments about invading Packistan's sovereignty to get bin Laden and how you can't treat an ally like that. Well now Packistan is pissed and wants us out. If we leave, where do you think Al Qaeda will go? What else can we add to these?

The one where he said a small

The one where he said a small group should just go get the guy with letter of Marque and reprisal..like 10 years later they about do just that and Obama takes credit..that killed me..

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Not exactly Crickett, because those guys were military (Navy

Seals), not privateers!


He says the Grassroots can make these.

I agree, these are really great ideas. Any videographers in the house?


they need to be AS GOOD of QUALITY as the actual campaign ads....No 1980's political style stuff. RP's ads should reflect his differences from the other candidates (which is why I loved this Ad, huge difference from in 2008, and hugely different from any other campaign ad I have ever seen!)...ie., needs to be not your run of the mill political ad. People are sick of those. Needs to be modern, emotional, responsive. It wouldn't even hurt if it had a little humor in it. Think Geico ad with issues. :)

I would love to help if anyone takes on this project. I have a lot of experience in writing/marketing/selling, with a little experience in tv.


I know what your saying about

I know what your saying about the quality of some of the older stuff. But those clips don't have take up the full screen. Keep the new expensive look so he appears legimate. But that could be the background. Then have taking up about 25% in the middle of the screen old clips. The old look might even show his consistency in nostagic way, retro look. And then have years zooming in kinda of sci-fi style saying for instance 1981 with a CLIP OF HIM YOUNGER saying something relevant today. tHE NEXT ONE 1987 WITH HOM BEING OLDER but saying something prevelant today etc... up to 2011. Also inserted relevant quotes from Jefferson and the like quickly. I think that would look fantastic but just my opinion. But your right, keep that polished look throughout the commercial to attract newbies who need that stuff and keeping up the apperance this time he is really legit.

Windows Live Has Free Software

You can download it and anyone can easily figure out how to cut clips to add them, add music, fade in and out, add graphics over film or stills, etc. I've used it before.

do you have

a link? :)


Good find...

Tom Woods is gold. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with him a few times. Good suggestions. I also like how he throws the ideas directly to the grassroots at the end. Definitely worth a look.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.