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PC's Needed in Arizona District 6 to become Delegates For Ron Paul

Hello Fellow Freedom Fighters.

I need some help in locating Ron Paul supporters who are registered Republicans or willing to register as a Republican in Arizona especially in Legislative District 6. I am the chairman and will appoint anyone who supports Ron Paul as a PC. The we will work to make you a Delegate to support Ron Paul.

We also have been calling Iowa voters to let them know about Ron Paul, everyone can help with that one. Calling Iowa Voters should be at the top of everyones list. Just make 10-25 calls per day and soon we will have called every voter. Just go to http://rp2012.org/ and click on the "Act Now" button and it's very easy to get signed up. You will log into a screen that will give you the name and number to call, a script to read off of and to log any responses.

The third thing we are doing is signs, I have located 4 foot x 4 foot double sided signs for less than $4 each. Contact me if your group would like to coordinate with us in AZ for Bulk pricing. Putting up signs is hard work and if we have a professional "Presidential" looking sign and follow local sign ordinances we will be able to put them up without them being taken down the next day. It's too much work and money to put up signs that get taken down right away. Call me at 480-688-8217 if you would like more information about these signs.

For Freedom!

David Fitzgerald

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Legislative District 6

Do you still need Delegates?


for the dinner crowd.

Daily paul should create a

Daily paul should create a forum that lists each state. So we can find fellow paulinians of the same state? And work towards the delegate process...

District 4

I am a registered Republican voter living within District 4.

What steps would you recommend I take in order to become a delegate?

Thank you.