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Tipping point of Doctor Paul's campaign

Hi. I want to throw this concept out there. I previewed an interesting book called, "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference". In short, lots of little things add up and make something (previously unlikely), "Happen". As I watch the RP 2012 campaign unfold I cannot help but feel we are and will reach several tipping points along the way. Most of us have noticed the media is giving Dr. Paul more attention lately. As the other Repub candidates are shown for who they really are, I believe this will further the campaign. They are starting to parrot his words - if we work hard enough I believe many in power will come around in time. Imagine Dr. Paul being on the ballot with an awesome running mate! Man that's so exciting! I know this concept was explained simplistically. Is anyone interested in reading this book with me? (After Liberty Defined of course). Final question: With very little time on my hands, how can I learn to be better at winning people over to Ron Paul? Thanks in advance,

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All libertarians should read this book BEFORE talking liberty.

It was true back then and its true today. The lessons are found in HOW TO WIN FRIENDS and INFLUENCE PEOPLE.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

How to win people over?

Ron Paul has made it very clear to me how to do this. Allow people to live as they choose and allow others to do the same.

It really ends up simplified once you think about it. Its easy to scream about why racism is bad BUT it is SIMPLE to allow the constitution to take root again and allow people to realize that WE ARE ALL THE SAME and do not need groups.

We do not need dems, repubs, blacks, whites, gays, straights and everything in between. We are Americans who want their country back and to BE LEFT ALONE.

Easiest thing that has worked for me is this.

Find out their HOT TOPIC and simple ask,

what if (the candidate they like) felt it was in their best interested to ban (something that they believe in ie: religious rights, gun rights etc) for the so called common good of the people. Would you be ok with that?

then the simple follow up,

well of course you wouldn't because you should have the right to (fill in the blank with whatever it is they should have the right to do ie carry guns, smoke weed, not pay taxes) as Americans and there currently is only one Presidential candidate willing to STAND UP for EVERYONES right to live as they see fit. That my friend IS the American way.

Find the issue that they are sincere about them and show them what it would be like if they LOST their most favorite right, freedom or lifestyle choice.

it has to HIT THEM for it to click.

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The tipping points in my mind are when I feel that yet another

soul decided to get TOTALLY involved in this liberty movement. Then it's a matter of nourishing, training and strengthening MIND, SOUL and BODY for liberty: what we call in our household Extreme RonPauling :-)

We share with the newly "tipped" persons how to get informed, how to keep faith / hope / love and how to get together with their local contacts and start pamphleteering & attending GOP party functions to be "in the system, but not of the system" so to speak.

In 2007 - 2008 our approach was tentative. This time around we are more streamlined.

Giving away Liberty Defined is another fantastic way to start thoughtful conversations. We are finding that MANY already heard short segments of RP's interviews and are eager to learn more about his entire philosophy. When we first inquired at our local library, we were informed that the whole county didn't own any copy of Liberty Defined. We immediately started our donate-LD-to-libraries project.

Purchasing multiple copies of Liberty Defined through Amazon icons on DP, Antiwar.com or LewR webpages should help them financially as well.

Anyway, each person has different strengths and temperament: finding out how to make the most out of ourselves (and have A LOT of fun a la the good Doc) is the key :-)

On Final Question

"With very little time on my hands, how can I learn to be better at winning people over to Ron Paul?"

I was involved in the last campaign. I started out in calm discussion mode.... and made little progress with family and friends. As '07 turned into '08, I morphed into debate mode, and promptly turned many people off. Interestingly enough, I also succeeded in winning over a few in debate mode.

It wasn't till McCain was nominated that I became even more successful. It was persistence, I believe. Once my sense of urgency diminished - due to the fact that RP was clearly not going to be in the general election - my emotions became more subdued, while my convictions remained as strong as ever. My attitude in discussions became a sort of blend of tasteful humor, with a touch of light sarcasm. I bought many copies of RP's book, The Revolution, and handed them out to my 'victims'. And I should mention that the idiocies of the Obama presidency also helped. I told everyone after the election, "Nothing will change". And my prophecy seemed to be amazing to them in short order. Of course my 'prophecy' was nothing more than common sense based on historical experience.

Now I can count nearly 2 dozen people I know personally who are on board this time around, that were fully asleep in the last go around.

My sister is one of them... and she is now feeling some of those same emotions I felt when i first woke up. She shakes her head in complete frustration with those around her and the media. She told me last night that she is both glad I helped wake her up, and also a bit angry with me. At least when she was still dreaming she wasn't so frustrated by all the other unconscious fools.

Just a little warning

The way the media work they will lure us in and be nicer (now that they have to because of the change of opinion in general).

But when it counts they will stab us in the back and promote a fake freedom and liberty candidate. They are owned by the same people who own our Government and they will do whatever it takes to keep the freedom express down and implement their tyrannical world Government (dictatorship).

It is always important to remind ourselves what we are up against. This little power elite has incredible, almost total, power and they have deceived us and controlled us for at least a hundred years so don't ever underestimate their power, skills and expertise nor their lack of respect for human life.


I built this website to send people to if you're trying to explain his positions. Tried to get the best video for each issue, lots of other content also. Feel free to refer people there


More original content in the works

Great job...

on the site, thanks for sharing


It is getting easier and easier to win people over. The idea's time has really come.

Learn the issues, watch the videos. Once you have a good knowledge of Dr. Paul's policies then you will find that almost everyone has at least 1 important issue they will agree with Dr. Paul on. It could be the TSA, the war, the war on drugs, inflation, the transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the elite bankers via the FED and lobbied regulations or you can mention he delivered 4k babies, served as a flight surgeon, would give medical care for discounted prices or for free if the patient could not afford services.

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Love your forum nickname.

I guess that tipping point is what we've been working for a long time. Your are right, the key is changing hearts and minds; the question is how to do it efficiently?

There are as many answers as libertarians I suspect. Each of us has a personal style and a particular set of associates, each with their own hot buttons.

I tend to soft-sell. Probably not the most efficient but it suits my personality and those very scared liberals I'm mostly associated with.

I gave one person who was already intrigued one of Dr. Paul's books. She was very impressed, kept remarking "Such clarity of thought!" and has been in our camp ever since. But that's an incredible rarity.

I've been nudging others along for a couple years, mostly talking about problems and solutions without getting into political personalities, biding my time, building the case, mentioning Blue Republicans recently. to early to tell, but most thinking people I know stopped defending O. months ago; they know he's awful but are so stuck in Liberal ideology despite their distress with his wars.


my own experience tells me that there is no single way of approaching others about the issues we seek to resolve and the situations we work to avoid.

you already know this.

so being good at feeling people out, not TSA style, is a great starting point as far as being able to talk to them.
for me - because of time - information gathering and sorting is the most time consuming task. it seems that every conversation with someone leads me to more of it in an endless cycle that grows ever larger by the minute.