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The Campaign has Dropped the Ball Big

One of the nicest facts about Ron Paul right now is that he has raised 2nd most of all the GOP and by far the most from ordinary small donors. This is something we needed to capitalize on because it is hard to deny. Even the big wigs couldn’t deny this significance….What is Hannity going to say?, “Those crazy Ron Paul internet supports gamed the donations on the internet”…

Nearly all of the main stream media articles on donations have already been written and Paul was left out because his campaign did not release the numbers formally. Also, when they finally did (today) they chose a FRIDAY NIGHT???? Anyone with basic media knowledge knows you don’t release anything on a Friday Night unless you want NO ONE to know about it.

Also, someone needs to make sure Dr. Paul mentions this when people ask him or imply he doesn’t have a chance. He could say “We have raised more money from ordinary citizens than any other candidate and are in 2nd place overall in the GOP”.

It’s just a bit irritating to have the grass roots working hard to bring in the cash and see the campaign not capitalize on this

Anyone else feel this way?

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I'm sure glad OUR RP campaign was judicious enough

to wait for the solid #s to come in and NOT be caught like THIS Bachmann "all-too-clever strategic" exaggeration!!!

". . . headlines from just a few days ago read 'Bachmann seen with hefty campaign cash haul' I’m sure that lead came from inside her campaign to buy here a few days of great press leading up to the filing date, but that may prove to have been a poor decision, as now Bachmann falls way below expectations. The article includes speculation from The Iowa Republican’s Craig Robinson saying 'If she were to post $8 million to $10 million, she’d be the clear number two to Romney.'" (http://www.dailypaul.com/170873/pauls-financial-books-look-g...)


The 15th is the scheduled release date following a quarterly reporting period. It just happened to be a Friday this time.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

They reported his record breaking donations last time?

They reported his record breaking donation days last election cycle and it didn't make or break anything.

If all we are trying to do is make sure he gets fair play on the msm then we are wasting our time. We KNOW they don't care about anything we do which has been proven.

As far as pretending to KNOW why they dropped this info on friday versus other days is up to the campaign. Anyone in the msm knows to never drop news on friday? Where is that well known and do you have actual real world knowledge of this or is this simply personal opinion?

Either you believe in Ron Paul or you don't, we can't CONTROL his campaign and I always find it funny when people see ANYTHING against their marketing ideas and feel THEY can do better.

If that is the case then GO OUT THERE AND DO BETTER. What should the Ron Paul campaign do to change things up? What day would have been better to submit his donations and if he did turn them in that day what would have changed as far as reported?

I think people speak before thinking many times online. I know I have done so plenty of times but the continuous bashing of the ron paul campaign both outside and WITHIN our ranks is getting to be a pain in the ass.

I am going to do what I can for liberty and hope others are doing the same versus complaining and moaning about various issues that we CANNOT CHANGE like the msm.

GOTV and wake up your neighbors, that is what matters.

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Re: They reported his record breaking...

What a supercilious rant. I'm talking about the 2nd two thirds of the "They reported his record..." comment, which lays out rules and calls out the horrors and sacrilege of participants stating opinions which are not 100% supportive of every aspect of RP's campaign staff... the part where the goal is to quash discussion, as opposed to the first third which is healthy, reason-based debate. Here's my reply rant...

Ron Paul's campaign staff is not perfect. If it was, then considering that the campaign has more resources available than all other candidates besides Romney, and that RP started with great name recognition, we would not be 3rd or 4th or 5th in the fair polls (yes, there are some that are fair)-- we would always be right behind Romney. I very much doubt that members of the campaign staff would say that they are perfect and that all criticisms and suggestions to the campaign are disrespectful and damaging.

Perhaps you should go flagellate yourself for speaking out of step with RP campaign staff with respect to changing the MSM. You say that "we CANNOT CHANGE" MSM. The RP campaign staff does not snub MSM, they court it, but are largely unsuccessful. They have enough understanding of the power of MSM, and enough maturity, to not only try to compensate for it (with Internet and other alternatives) but to attempt to minimize the MSM bias. They invest a lot of Paul's effort to getting MSM air time. Every video clip of Ron Paul on a MSM show proves that Paul disagrees with you.

Here is one of those conflicting opinions that so hurt your little, sensitive, fawning and doctrinaire psyche: Paul himself pleaded with donors to donate so that he could net so much that MSM could not deny the significance. I don't know whether in the end the MSM will deny the significance or not, but if they do not then RP and his campaign staff will have failed in this goal that they set for themselves. This is a legitimate point of debate and a broad and loud discussion on the point could benefit RP in the end.

If hearing opinions that conflict with your own is so annoying to you, then what the hell are you doing on a discussion forum which advocates maximizing personal freedom?

No doubt an opportunity was missed

The MSM will do anything to spoil our chances and to not report asap just handed them the opportunity of leaving him out.

If Ron Paul's numbers had been available they would have had to come up with another tactic to misrepresent him and they undoubtedly would have but that is no excuse for making it easy for them.

This is something to correct for future end of quarter reportings.

But as long as we learn and improve we will eventually win. Everybody is doing their best, and we are fighting a world power elite with almost total power and vast experience in keeping us down, always remember that.

No long faces! ~ Ron Paul.

No long faces! ~ Ron Paul.

Feedback is important.

This kind of grassroots feedback is very important.

You put too much stock in

in the media and what it means to report donations. Ron Paul knows and has said it many times. Straw polls, sign waving and media attention do not win elections. It is about the delegate process. It is everyone's desire to see the reports and read into the polls too much but that is not what wins elections. In this case the primaries are decided by delegates. In the general election the Electoral College decides it not the popular vote. As many have pointed out on this forum. Get involved in the Republican party, work to become a county/state delegate and strive to be voted on to be a national delegate. That is what wins elections. Ron Paul started the Campaign For Liberty to educate people on that process, he has asked for people to become precinct leaders for a specific reason. If you are emotional over polls and fund raising stats in the MSM your focus is in the wrong place. He knows what money he has and what to do with it and that is all that counts. Delegates, Delegates, Delegates that is all his supporters should be thinking. Door knocking and phone calls are part of that process and part of the focus. Not MSM polls and articles.

Well, it's awaiting

Well, it's awaiting verification, but it looks like the bigger news is the amount of donations from people currently serving in the military.


Full of win :)

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Put number of new donors on the ticker

I would like to see a running tally of donors as well as the amount raised on the ticker. In addition, the ticker needs to stay up all the time like last time, this compells people to donate!

Great idea

I hope the campaign takes notice.

Four factors that doomed the 2008 campaign...

1) Slanted coverage by the media,
2) Inept official campaign,
3) Volunteers reading their own "press" and resting on their laurels, and,
4) Most Republicans didn't understand the urgency of the primary issues (they bought the neocon lies.)

This time around, the problems are mostly the same - except fewer people are buying the neocon's fables.

End media prejudice against Ron Paul in 2012.
Signup at http://boycotts4paul.com
or discuss at

Yeah, if he can't manage a

Yeah, if he can't manage a marketing campaign like the other presidents, then he obviously has no chance of behaving like the other presidents.

And that's a good thing.



Makes no since... The other candidates have to eat and sleep do we don't want Ron Paul doing that?

Give me a break. PR is a BIG part of campaigning and when you have an edge you must jump on it. There have been no less than 3-4 articles in the past week about fund raising and Paul was left out of ALL of them. In PR that is HUGE coverage and worth hundreds of thousands in free advertising. If Dr. Paul's campaign can't get this right I'm not feeling great with everything else stacked against us.

Polls are fickle and mostly meaningless. Fundraising numbers are hard facts and cannot be denied.

Bottom line is Paul's numbers are 2nd and he has received ZERO coverage for this because his folks were last or almost last in getting the numbers out.

Rand did it to Trey Greyson remember.

Look who won that race. Now he commands support from not only the diversity of the tea party movement but even the insiders.

So are we going to portray Paul as David vs. The Goliath, against the establishment hacks like Romney and his ilk? Are we going to let Romney get away with his fundraisers with welfare queens at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs? Are we going to be the nice guys that hold their tongues and takes the beatings.

It's time for Paul and his campaign to take names. Look how effective the debt ceiling campaign is going after specific people were dragged out. There is supposed to be videos in response to Paul's! Time to dig up some Rocky vs the Russian.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
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well, The Campaign still has enough time to BOUNCE the

ball high up with a little help of hot air blown from the legion of small huffers & puffers, I guess :-)

remember, we are THE citizen journalists to remind the general public of what is REALLY happening.

I don't think there was much they could do about it

I don't think it is the campaign as much as the press. It was somewhat reported... and somewhat missed.

We didn't blow anyone away this quarter and people expect Paul to do well raising funds. (This economy hurts us small donors more than the Wall Street types).

I also don't think the campaign could get ahead of itself... They didn't know everyone's numbers. It would have been tragic to report how well they did and have Bachmann come out with better numbers.

Why Friday? The numbers where due today - and they were reported by the campaign 'officially' because everyone else reported theirs.

Now is the time for the campaign to push our numbers... which they are! $4 million in the bank... all of it for the primaries (others got donors to max at $5000 - half for primaries half for general election...).

Give the campaign/press some time to delve into the details of the numbers.

Ultimately, what matters is what they do with the money... Newt is a million in the hole! He still owes $451,946 for private jet expenses! Paid $285,000 to a company to raise money for him!

Knowing Ron, maybe he bought some gold - to protect our investment! (I'm sure that would be illegal... haha)

Doctor, you have every opportunity to be on Television....

I suggest you use it as your opportunity to educate Americans about how you simply out fund-raised any other GOP contender in the election!!

And nearly outpaced them combined, to come in second place directly behind Romney who has the support of Big Banks.

Yet, best part of all?

You did this all without taking a government pension, while openly promising not to "STEAL" from the American people using the funny paper money of the Federal Reserve!!

Now there's a CAMPAIGN message for the ages.....Get out there and proclaim it today. Americans are wide awake and ready to put the brakes on this global world farce.

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I do agree that this is a USP (unique

selling point) that should be emphasized in the campaign The video For Liberty is so effective because it really highlights the grassroots support instead of big machine/corporate/union monster special interests all of whom profit from the status quo that rips off the majority.


exactly. i felt this way in 2007 and 2008.

i still think that the ads, the scheduling, the promotion, the "style" that was employed - was mostly all 3rd rate.

and don't get me wrong folks.
i'm our biggest fan.

i mean.....i don't discount ANYTHING that we or that ron has accomplished or said or been part of.

but please. come on. if we are in it to win it....

then i say,"step on up to the plate"

quit messing and knock this $hit out of the park at long last!

Hi. There was a call to

Hi. There was a call to pummel the networks for not reporting this correctly (MSNBC?). I contacted them. I agree, some more emphasis needs to be made on how much he made and average donation (vs. Romney's rich donors for example). I'm not sure how much information can be assembled this early?