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Paul's financial books look great compared to most candidates, says this Iowa Political Blog


Today the campaigns opened their books and revealed a lot. The Iowa Political Blog Caffeinated Thoughts breaks down the numbers and separates the Good from the Bad and the Ugly, sometimes very ugly.

The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly:

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Prepare for Perry...

Just saying...

Rick Perry at some point is going to throw in his cowboy hat in this race (God help us all) and he WILL get financial support from all his "good ole boy" friends that backed him in the past.

But that's gonna hurt Mitt more than Ron, for sure. Still, look for a snake in the grass raising his head soon...

My analisis

Mitt Romney is the only candidate with a lot of funds, with $13 million cash on hand, and is polling in first place, so he seems to be the candidate to beat.

Ron Paul has less cash on hand but each dollar goes a long way since Paul has a lot more volunteers while Romney needs to pay his staff for all of his legwork. A lot of those who have donated to Romney probably have maxed out, Ron Paul donors can keep on donating.

Only Bachmann and Cain are polling better than Ron paul, but Cain is broke and running out of steam. Bachmann is the only other strong candidate.

Hopefully thanks to all this, Ron Paul's polling numbers will start improving, f, Ron will get t

They are all "The Status Quo"..They are no good, bad and ugly!

...and that is the truth

Yes I particularly enjoyed

Yes I particularly enjoyed "End the Fed", it's one of my favorite financial books.

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RPs FEC stats interesting reading

ht tp://query.nictusa.com/pres/2011/Q2/C00495820.html#DETAILED

I was a little disappointed to find out I am the only one in my zip code, and the only one at my company to donate to RP!

A battle of atrition

Notice how the campaigns with the smallest take are having both staffing as well as polling problems. Some are even in the red. These are literally mismanaged campaigns as the candidates have no control over their own expenses. Ron Paul is seriously poised for the long haul because contrary to popular belief, he knows how to run an efficient campaign.

Get ready for some drop outs soon, if not after Ames.

Anyone want to suggest some of these financial losers hitch their trailers to the revolution express?

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good find

Thanks for posting.

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I'd put Bachman in the good category with nearly 4 million cash on hand. Seems like putting her in the ugly category would be something they would do to Paul to discredit him.

Except once you learn that 2 million of that is a transfer

from her Congressional campaign - which she has not closed or ended - you see that her numbers look much worse. She certainly isn't in the ugly category, but she isn't in the good one either.

Graphic Artist Please

Someone whos good at graphic arts..Please put together something that shows a collage of pictures...
A screen cut in half..On the left Romney behind him all the phat cats and over them their high donations....On the right Ron Paul and behind him a mixture of people who only gave 5.00 all the way up to (the highest amount) the max.
As far as a caption....have a conest on (everyone who shares it)FB..Twitter pages...Couldnt hurt.

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Great analysis!

That's the kind of "horse race" story I like to see.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.